GIS and CAD Products

The following products are available for purchase. Please note the Urban Cadastral Base must be purchased from AltaLIS.


Autocad Layers Price
Contours - 0.5m interval (2 Autocad files) $200
Contours - preformated tiles of 735m x 1150m (refer to index map) $30
Edge of Pavement and Sidewalks $110
Water System $110
Sanitary System $110
Storm System $110
10% discount will be applied when purchasing all three systems: water, sanitary and storm.

GIS Layers

Please contact the engineering department more information regarding the GIS layers that are available at: 403-678-1548

Please note for each data request, including as-built information, a minimum charge of $25 applies for processing the data in addition to the the cost of the data. For any extensive request, the custom mapping rate will be charged.

Custom Mapping

Custom maps may be created by request at a charge of $70/hr.


A licence agreement is required for puchasing digital mapping data. Return the signed license agreement at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or fax at: 403-678-1534 and call the 403-678-1548 number to order a product.