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Voluntary Fruit Tree Removal Program

The presence of fruit trees in residential areas of Canmore brings bears into the Townsite in the fall as they try to fatten up before going into their dens for the winter. This can result in obvious public safety concerns, property damage, and the relocation and, at times, euthanization of bears. In an effort to reduce conflict between bears and people in Canmore this fall, the Town of Canmore is running a voluntary fruit tree removal program. Homeowners in the priority areas identified on the map below are invited to express their interest in participating in the program. If you have a crabapple tree in your yard and you live in a Priority 1 or 2 zone, your tree can be removed by a certified arborist this September at no cost to you. You can also have that tree replaced with a non-fruit bearing tree from an approved planting list either this fall, or next spring, also at no cost to you.

Homes in Priority 1 areas will be targeted first, followed by Priority 2, and finally any areas outside the priority zones. Funds are limited and we may not be able to remove trees from all the homes that indicate an interest in participating. In this case, we strongly encourage people to voluntarily remove the fruit from their trees and take it to the bear proof fruit collection bins at the Boulder Crescent Recycling Depot (115 Boulder Crescent). The bins will be in place until November 3, 2016. The collected fruit will be composted. Fruit picking equipment can be borrowed from Wildsmart; please contact them at info@wildsmart to make arrangements to borrow the equipment.

To indicate your interest in participating in the fruit tree removal program, please contact Lori Rissling Wynn at 403.678.1527 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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