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Update on the MDP

Administration has made changes to the MDP based on public input and direction from Council. A revised draft MDP (Version 2) received first reading from Council on February 2nd, 2016. A public hearing was held on Tuesday March 22 at 6pm. 

The newly revised draft MDP (Version 3) is scheduled to be presented to Council for second reading on May 31st, 2016. A second public hearing is tentatively scheduled for June 2016.

The most recent versions of the documents are available for download below:

pdf Redline MDP v3 (2.96 MB)
pdf MDP v3 (2.94 MB)
pdf Draft EIS policy v3 (154 KB)
pdf Draft steep creek hazard policy v2 (467 KB)

Also available for download: pdf MDP v2 (2.92 MB) , pdf track changes MDP v2 (3.19 MB) pdf draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) policy (134 KB)  (v2), and  pdf draft Steep Creek Hazard policy (379 KB)  (v1).

 What happens next?
  • Opportunities for further public input into the draft MDP are through the public hearing process. A second public hearing is tentatively scheduled for June 2016.

MDP public engagement

A formal public hearing was held at 6pm, Tuesday March 22, 2016.  


Compilation of public input on Version 1 Draft MDP

All of the feedback received via open houses, online survey, and submitted emails and letters has been compiled and is available pdf here (1.04 MB)  for download. A hard copy is available at the Civic Centre and the Library.

On December 15, 2015 at a special meeting, Council reviewed the consolidated public input on the draft MDP, and by motion, directed administration to make amendments to the MDP prior to first reading. The minutes from that meeting are available  pdf here (298 KB) .

Summary of public input prior to Version 1 Draft

Download the  pdf summary here (206 KB)

Public engagement sessions 

MDP @ the Mountain Market

  • Thursday August 27th, 2015. 11am-4pm @ the Mountain Market


  • Saturday September 12th, 2015. 11am-3pm @ Elevation Place

General Open House

Steep Creek Open House


Why you should care about the MDP?

It describes where we as a community want to be in 20 years and how we will get there.It is our overall plan for land use and development and provides directions to all other plans and the land use bylaw.It assists Council with decision making by outlining the long term goals and aspirations of the community.

Why change the MDP?
Our current MDP was adopted in 1998 and a lot has changed in Canmore since then. Work to replace the MDP has been underway since 2006 though Mining the Future (2006), the Community Sustainability Plan (2008), and Signposts to Sustainability (2010). A number of tough challenges have arisen or become more acute for our community in the past 17 years from affordable housing to mountain creek hazards.

Important Topics

The MDP is a broad plan that addresses issues varying from development of new areas to infrastructure planning and civic engagement. While the MDP addresses many areas, based on community discussion, the following 5 important topics have been identified click on them to learn more. 

Affordable Housing

Development near steep creeks

How we Grow

Environmental Stewardship

Economic Development


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