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Host a Community Event

Events hosted on Town of Canmore property require an event permit. Town of Canmore venues include Town buildings, parks, trails, parking lots, streets and roads. There is a Community Event committee which reviews all applications. More information on deadlines, how to apply and frequently asked questions is available below.

Event Application Deadlines

  1. For events happening each year between May 1 to October 31 the deadline to apply is December 1.
  2. For events happening each year between November 1 to April 30 the deadline to apply is July 5.

Applications will still be accepted up to 60 days before the event date, however priority is given to applications received before the deadline.

Application Process

  1. Download the application form pdf here (386 KB) .
  2. Email the completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  3. The Community Event Review Committee will review all applications received. Groups will be notified about the status of their application within 6 weeks after the deadline.

Download the pdf Community Events Manual (2.88 MB) to find all the information you need in one place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is insurance mandatory?
All events hosted on Town of Canmore Property are required to provide proof of insurance for a minimum of $2 million in liability with the Town of Canmore listed as the additional insured. No event will take place without having provided their proof of insurance. 
Where will the event take place?
Be sure to consider all event requirements when selecting a location for your event. Will your event require power? Water? Access to washrooms? Garbage and recycling bins? If you are interested in booking a park or Town of Canmore venue for a community event, please be advised that our rental fee structure will be applied, and that a deposit may be required. Town of Canmore venues include Town buildings, parks, trails, parking lots, streets and roads.
Will your event require a business license?
Whether it’s hot chocolate, raffle tickets, admission or goods, sales of any type will require that your event obtain either a Special Event or Temporary Business License. We will work with you to help decide which license is best for you and your event.
Will the event require road closures or road right of ways?
Any disruptions to roads, sidewalks or parking spaces will require a Special Event Road Use Permit Application to be submitted with the event application. Advertising, neighbour notices and certified flag persons may be required and the expense of the event host.
Will there be food sales?
Alberta Health Services must approve the serving of any food or beverage prior to an event. This can be obtained by calling Alberta health services at 403.678.5656 to speak with one of our local health inspectors. For guidelines and more information on safe food handling at events, please visit
Will alcoholic beverages be served?
A liquor license is required for any event in which alcohol will be served or sold. For information on how to obtain a liquor license click here. Copies of the liquor license, in addition to an Alcohol Management Plan must be submitted to the Town of Canmore prior to your event. 

Forms and Documents 

   pdf Event Application Form 2017 (386 KB)
  EventApplicationHowToSheet 2016
  pdf Special Event Road Use Permit (253 KB)
  pdf Special Event Business Registry Application (115 KB)
  pdf Towards Zero Waste Events Policy (159 KB)
   pdf Temporary Structure Permit (221 KB)
   document SAMPLE Emergency Response Plan (31 KB)
   document SAMPLE Parking Plan (458 KB)
  document SAMPLE Alcohol Management Plan (24 KB)
  document SAMPLE Waste Management Plan (30 KB)
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