Town of Canmore

Fitness Centre Hours

Fitness Centre

Date: Sep 26, 2020
Location: Elevation Place

08:00AM - 09:00PM

Fitness Area Controls

· Rooms will indicate maximum occupancy to accommodate physical distancing.

· Physical distancing indicators and directional arrows will be used to direct movement. Staff will be scheduled to monitor physical distancing and max occupancy adherence.

· Designated areas will be provided for stretching and use of fitness accessories such as kettle bells, weights, etc.

· Where possible, a separate entrance and exit will be provided to manage flow of patrons.

· Masks are mandatory when NOT engaged in intense physical activity

· A scent-free policy is in place to prevent sneezing and coughing

· Magazines will be removed and not provided at this time

· Doors will be propped open to minimize contact with door handles

· Used Equipment will be place in dedicated bins for weights and accessories after use

· Users are expected to clean cardio and strength equipment before and after use

· Users are asked to practice frequent hand hygiene before, during, and after their workouts

· Users are asked to advise a staff member and leave the fitness facility immediately if they start to develop COVID-related symptoms

· No bags, coats or personal belongings are allowed in the rooms

· Lockers are use at your own risk

· Portable fan use will be limited, however when required, we will minimize air flow that directs current from one person directly toward another

· Fitness will follow Alberta Health Services COVID-19 Public Health Recommendations for Environmental Cleaning of Public Facilities

· Fitness accessories will be limited; no mats or yoga blocks. Patrons must bring their own mats.

· Designated bins will be provided for used fitness accessories to enable easy identification of items which need to be cleaned.

· Reusable cloths will be removed and paper towel and cleaning products will be provided.

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