Town of Canmore

Rain Dance Art Exhibition


Date: Mar 01, 2017
Location: Three Sisters Gallery, (2nd floor Elevation Place)

12:00AM - 12:00AM

Rain Dance March 1 – April 5
 Rain Dance features 17 works of art from the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts by 16 artists that illustrates moments within this perpetual  weather cycle—from heat waves, drought and forest fires to rainstorms and floods.
“The sight of low-lying clouds in the distance; the first drop of water that hits your cheek; the steady sound of a heavy downpour—rain can be welcomed or considered menacing depending on the context. For instance, a soft rainfall can be cheerfully embraced when we’re well equipped with a rain jacket, boots and umbrella, but it’s an entirely different situation when we’re caught unprepared in the midst of a storm. Regardless of our attitude toward rain, there’s no denying its fundamental significance. It’s vital to our ecosystem and way of life. Without rain our vegetation dies; too much can be equally devastating. The ebb and flow of rain operates as a cyclical dance between scarcity at one extreme and overabundance at the other. When the cycle is in balance, we prosper, when it isn’t, we suffer.”
-Curator Shannon Bingman.
Rain Dance is a touring exhibition developed by the Alberta Society of Artists for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) Travelling Exhibition Program (TREX). The program is financially supported by the AFA with a mandate to ensure every Albertan is provided with an opportunity to enjoy fully developed exhibitions in schools, libraries, health care centres, and smaller rural institutions and galleries throughout the province.
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