Town of Canmore

Road Weight Restrictions

Notice of Traffic Weight Restriction


The 75% weight restrictions on Town of Canmore roads is in effect until further notice.

Roads are designed to support the weight of heavy trucks, within reason. To maximize the life of a road, and to minimize road maintenance costs, axle weight restrictions are implemented during certain times of the year.

A 75% weight restriction will be in place on all town roads except the following:

  1. Mountain Avenue (from Ray McBride Street to the east exit of the Trans-Canada Highway)
  2. Bow Valley Trail
  3. 17 Street (from Bow Valley Trail to Industrial Place)
  4. Elk Run Blvd (from Highway 1A to Glacier Drive)
  5. Glacier Drive
  6. Boulder Crescent
  7. Industrial Place
  8. Benchlands Trail (from Bow Valley Trail to the Benchlands Trail Overpass)

Requests for exemption can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include details of the load, number of trips, proposed route, date & time of travel and copy of provincial permit.

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