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The Land Use Bylaw topics on this page address where and how we live and stay in our town and ensuring it is affordable and inclusive for our neighbours, workers, children, and visitors.  

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Employee Housing

Providing housing for employees is important to ensure that people who work in Canmore can also live in Canmore. The vacancy rate for housing in Canmore has been 0% for the past several years, and therefore there are very few places for employees working in the tourism, hospitality, and wellness industries to live. The Comprehensive Housing Action Plan and past Council direction have both called for new visitor accommodation developments to provide Employee Housing. 

What is proposed? 

Currently, the only places in Canmore that require Employee Housing are in Three Sisters Mountain Village, Spring Creek Mountain Village, and SilverTip. The proposed Land Use Bylaw will require that new visitor accommodation and hostel development along Bow Valley Trail (from McDonalds to Napa Auto Parts) provide employee housing. 

"Visitor Accommodation" means a building or group of buildings not intended for residential use where sleeping facilities are provided for persons for periods of up to 30 days and which may also contain recreational facilities, commercial uses and additional facilities including but not limited to eating establishments, drinking establishments, room service, meeting rooms, public convention rooms, and laundry service.

The proposed requirements for bedrooms for employees include:


  • 1 to 60 Visitor Accommodation units: 1.0 bedroom per 10 units
  • 60 to 100 Visitor Accommodation units: 1.0 bedroom per 8 units
  • 100+ Visitor Accommodation units: 1.0 bedroom per 6 units 
  • Hostel: 1.0 bedroom per 10 units or 20 dorm beds








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