Town of Canmore

Bow Hunting Prohibited on Larch Island

Hunting in the Larch Island area of Canmore is now prohibited in the areas shown in red on the map.

This change is a result of the Town of Canmore requesting that the Province ban hunting in this area for public safety due to the proximity to homes and significantly high use by a variety of recreation enthusiasts. While the Province did not formally prohibit hunting in this area, a legal review was conducted and the Province acknowledged that as per Section 7a of the Municipal Government Act, the Town has the ability to pass bylaws for the “safety, health, or welfare of people, and the protection of people and property.” The Town of Canmore Bylaw 19-2011, Section 5 was considered sufficient to prohibit discharging firearms within Larch Island.  

If you see someone hunting in these areas please call Kananaskis Dispatch at 403.591.7755 and an officer will be dispatched to conduct an investigation. Note that hunters can access legal hunting areas in close proximity to the closed red areas.