Town of Canmore

Mountain Pine Beetle Program

The Town of Canmore has started the annual survey for Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) infested trees. Grant money from the Alberta Agriculture & Forestry department allows the Town of Canmore to perform this work. Throughout November & December a contractor hired by the Town of Canmore will be conducting inspections for MPB on town land. We are asking residents to inspect their own trees for MPB infestations. If any of your trees meet the criteria listed in step 1 and also have the symptoms for MPB listed in step 2, please call the Town at 403.678.1599 by Dec. 5, 2018. The Town will inspect reported trees. Those found to be highly infested with live MPB will be removed and destroyed by a contractor (stumps will not be removed) at no cost to the resident.

Step 1: Is it a Lodgepole pine tree? 
Determine if you have Lodgepole Pine (LPP) trees on your property. MPB will only attack and kill mature LPP trees (average age of 70 years). LPP trees can be distinguished from other pines by:

  • A tall slender pine with a straight trunk
  • Long (3 inch) stiff needles which are attached in pairs near the end of branches
  • Branches are small and clustered at the top of the tree trunk

Step 2: Is it Mountain Pine Beetle?
Look for symptoms. Report if you find a tree with one or more of the symptoms:

  • Boring dust (like sawdust) in bark crevices and around the base of the tree
  • Pitch tubes or resin that looks like crystallized honey on the bark of pine trees
  • Needles that have started to turn yellow or red

This program is funded by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. For more information on MPB visit Alberta’s web site at