Town of Canmore

Main Street Traffic Changes

Main Street re-opened to vehicular traffic on Thursday, September 24. Many of the traffic pattern changes made over the summer remain in place. Main Street is envisioned as a local business area, not a main thoroughfare through town. The map below provides more detail on traffic flow in the town centre.

What changed?



New 4-way stop

7 Ave and 7 St

Makes the intersection safer for all users and requested by nearby residents

New 3-way stop

8 Ave and 10 St

This facilitates cross-town traffic along 10 St to turn left onto 8 Ave to go across the bridge

Reducing speed to 30km/h in and around the Town Centre

10 St

8 Ave

6 Ave

Veterans’ Way (7 St)

Creates a safer and more comfortable environment for people walking, cycling, and driving, and will improve vehicular flow by assisting drivers in entering into traffic flow on busier streets. 


Requested by nearby residents. 

Removing three on-street parking stalls and a large shrub in SE corner

8 Ave and Veterans’ way (7 St)

To improve sightlines of the intersection and crosswalk.

Remove stop signs on 8 Ave to allow free-flowing traffic north-south and new yield signs on Main St (replacing 4-way stop)


Installing new pedestrian signs and medians in the crosswalks across 8 Ave

8 Ave and Main St

Facilitates the movement of traffic through town




Improve pedestrian safety

Only turn right when exiting Main St. at 8 Ave

8 Ave and Main St

Main Street is a place for people, not a main artery for traffic. Right turn only from Main St will prevent traffic from backing up on Main St and funnel traffic looking for parking into nearby lots. Traffic travelling through the town centre should use 10 St, where the 4-way stop at 8 Ave allows for easier turning movements.

Installing a median in the crosswalk across 8 Ave at the intersection with Veteran’s Way.

8 Ave and Veterans’ way (7 St)

To help pedestrians cross 8 Avenue more safely, and to allow vehicles time to exit Veteran’s Way (7 Street)

Need to Know - for Main Street businesses and event planners

  • Formal In-Street Patios that are annually permitted and approved are allowed to remain in place until October 15, 2020.
  • All temporary patios or displays and signage (e.g. A-frame, banners etc.) not approved under the Town of Canmore Land Use Bylaw must be removed by Wednesday, September 23.

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