Town of Canmore

January 19, 2016 - Webcast Information

The January 19 Council meeting webcast is not available.  Since the start of the year we’ve had a new system for the Council webcast.  There have been some issues with buffering and live streaming that our IT team has been working to fix.  On Friday, January 29, work was being done to correct the buffering issues.  Several test videos were created.  Once the work was complete, all the test videos were deleted and a mistake was made.  The January 19 Council meeting video was inadvertently deleted at the same time.

Unfortunately, deletion of a video by the owner of a YouTube channel is permanent and cannot be reversed.  Because the system is new, we have not yet put a system in place to backup these videos so a secondary copy does not exist.  Obviously, this is something we will address quickly.  

The Town of Canmore apologies sincerely for this error and is working to ensure it does not occur again.


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