Town of Canmore

Road Use & Parking Regulations

The Town of Canmore’s Traffic and Road Use Bylaw regulates traffic, parking, streets and sidewalks within the Town. This page will provide you with a brief overview of the Town’s bylaw, however if you would like more detail, please refer to the pdf Traffic and Road Use Bylaw (8.21 MB)

What is the law?


  • No person over the age of 12 shall ride a bicycle, roller skate, in-line skate, skateboard, ride a scooter, or other non-motorized vehicle on a sidewalk unless a sign permits it, or a person (i.e. a parent) is accompanying the child.
  • Cycling is not permitted on sidewalks on Main Street from 8 Avenue to 6 Avenue.
  • Do not place cords, hoses or any other obstructions across a sidewalk or street.
  • Keep hedges, shrubs and trees trimmed so they do not overhang or interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  • Snow and ice must be removed down to the bare pavement within 48 hours of it being deposited.

Parking of Recreational Vehicles and Trailers

  • RVs are not permitted on the street between midnight and 8 a.m. unless is parked on the street immediately adjoining the owner or operator's place of residence.
  • The maximum amount of time it can be parked as described above is for 36 hours and it has not been parked in any area of the street immediately adjoining the owner's residence at any time in the preceding 48 hours.
  • The intent of these restrictions is to permit loading/unloading and cleaning.
  • Trailers must be attached to vehicles at all times.
  • Please be respectful of your neighbourhood and don’t block driveways or create traffic obstructions.


  • Vehicles are not allowed to idle for longer than 5 minutes anywhere within the town.


  • Vehicles parked on the street must be moved every 72 hours or they are considered to be abandoned and may be towed.
  • Vehicles leaking fluid onto the street may be towed away at the expense of the owner.
  • Vehicles with a capacity of more than 15 people can only park in designated locations.
  • See Paid Parking & Fare Free Transit for more information.
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