Town of Canmore

UAV, Drones, and Quadcopters

UAVs, or drones, are subject to The Interim Order Respecting the Use of Model Aircraft. The laws prohibit the operations within 30 m of vehicles or people (75m for drones/UAV's over 1kg), or within 1.8 km of a helicopter aerodrome (used specifically for helicopters only, or 5.5km for an airport), or 90 m above the ground. For a full list please visit the Transport Canada Site

UAV operation must be done in a safe manner and follow all Federal Aviation Regulations. Before considering operation please visit the Transport Canada Drone Safety Website and read the following sections:

• Getting permission to fly your drone
• Flying your drone legally and safely
• No Drone Zones 

UAVs also may not be operated in public parks as stated in the pdf section 7.5 (g) of the Town of Canmore Parks Bylaw (3.66 MB) . This includes athletic fields, dog parks, playgrounds, courts, outdoor recreation facilities, skating rinks, and joint use school grounds. 

Currently, we do not have a permitting process for allowing UAVs or drones.  Check back for updates on a future permitting process.

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