Town of Canmore


What is the Town doing to manage the threat of wild fires?

The Town has a FireSmart program to help manage and mitigate the threat of wildfire. FireSmart uses preventative measures to reduce wildfire threat to Albertans and their communities while balancing the benefits of wildfire on the landscape. FireSmart thinning has taken place in numerous locations around Canmore in the past number of years, please click on the map to see where FireSmart burning has been done in Town.

The updated pdf Wildfire Mitigation Strategy (3.45 MB) provides a road map for FireSmart activities for the town 2018 - 2022 and includes an updated hazard assessment, wildland fuel type, wildfire behaviour potential maps, vegetation management options and twelve recommendations for each of the seven FireSmart disciplines (vegetation management, development, public education, legislation, inter-agency cooperation, cross-training, and emergency planning). 

In addition to the Wildfire Mitigation Strategy, a wildfire preparedness guide is currently being produced that will be ready for tactical operations in time for the 2018 fire season.   

Taking into account future new development areas in Canmore, this plan will outline hazards and risks, and provide options for new development, education, and emergency planning.

Canmore Fire Rescue will be reviewing Wildland-Urban Interface fire risk and response capabilities throughout 2018.  We anticipate a new provincial grant to further our fuel reduction work, and to establish a training exercise regarding the use of deployable sprinkler lines. 


  • Can reduce the likelihood of large uncontrollable wildfires in Alberta’s forests.
  • Recognizes the benefit of introducing the controlled application of fire to sensitive and protected areas of the forest (prescribed fire).

What can you do to help?

  1. Before having an open fire please check to make sure there is not a fireban in our area at Fire Bans and Advisories or
  2. Make sure all fires are put out properly.
  3. When using an open stove, make sure it is in a safe location.
  4. When recreating outdoors please be aware of your activities and any fire risk they may present.