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Bed & Breakfasts

Bed & Breakfast Development Permit

Bed and Breakfast establishments are an ancillary commercial use operated by the resident of a single detached dwelling. Bed and Breakfast establishments can provide accommodation for periods of 14 days or less with one meal provided on a daily basis to guests. The maximum amount of accommodation permitted per dwelling is two guestrooms or six pillows (guests), whichever is less. For more details, please see the Land Use Bylaw.

All Bed & Breakfast establishments require a development permit. Please fill out the pdf development permit (134 KB) , submit the required information as noted in the pdf B&B Application Requirements (163 KB) , and submit a signed pdf B&B Statutory Declaration (25 KB) .

As part of the application process, a site inspection will be conducted. Once an inspection has been completed an inspection form will be provided outlining the requirements of the business under the Alberta Building Code and Fire Code.  The Bed & Breakfast establishment is also required to obtain approval from Alberta Health Services. This approval must be provided to the Town once it has been obtained.

Once your Bed & Breakfast Development Permit has been approved, you will be required to apply for your Town of Canmore Home Occupation Business License and install a sign which conforms to the signage guidelines as outlined in Section 9 of the Land Use Bylaw LUB2018-22. To find out what is required to obtain your business license, please click here.

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