Town of Canmore

Bed & Breakfasts

Bed & Breakfast Development Permit

Bed and Breakfast establishments are an ancillary commercial use operated by the resident of a single detached dwelling, providing accommodation for periods of 14 days or less with one meal provided on a daily basis to guests. The maximum amount of accommodation permitted per dwelling is two guestrooms or six pillows (guests), whichever is less. For more details, please see the Land Use Bylaw.

All Bed & Breakfasts establishment require a development permit. Please fill out the pdf form (464 KB) , and submit it along with: a surveyed site plan indicating parking and landscaping details; a letter and floor plans identifying how many and which rooms will be rented out, room and window sizes, window location, smoke detector and fire extinguisher locations; certificate of title; and the appropriate fees. As part of the application process a site inspection is conducted, at which point a form from the Health Authority will be provided.  The application form includes the relevant requirements of the Alberta Building Code and Fire Code, and the Town Land Use Bylaw. You will also require a business license, available from the finance department.

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