Town of Canmore

Occupancy Certificate

An Occupancy Certificate is a required document that is issued by the Town, which grants a permit holder the ability to occupy a building. An Occupancy Certificate is required for a building after construction, relocation, alteration, partial demolition or after a change of the existing occupancy classification has taken place.

A detailed process map outlining the various steps to obtaining an Occupancy Certificate can be found pdf here (64 KB) .

Depending on the scale of development, the requirements to obtain an Occupancy Certificate will differ. An example of an Occupancy Certificate and its requirements can be found below based on the type of development:

pdf Occupancy Certificate - Small Developments (795 KB)

pdf Occupancy Certificate - Intermediate to Large Developments (748 KB)

To initiate the Occupancy Certificate process, please contact Superior Safety Codes Inc. office at 1.888.717.2344 to arrange for a final inspection, allowing a minimum of 48 hours to book. NOTE: EPCOR will not arrange for a water meter installation until they have received a copy of the Permit Service Report (PSR) issued by the Safety Codes Officer (SCO). 

It is important to read and understand your Occupancy Certificate and ensure that any conditions that are listed on it are met by the prescribed date (where applicable). Should the conditions of occupancy not be met by the outlined dates, the occupancy for the building may be revoked and the water turned off. A building permit is still open until all conditions of occupancy are completed. If no conditions are listed on your Occupancy Certificate then the building permit will be closed.

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