Town of Canmore

Home Occupation Permit

Home occupations are small-scale businesses that operate out of a home in a residential neighbourhood. Two types of home occupations are allowed in Canmore.

A Class 1 Home Occupation (also known as Desk & Telephone) has no impact on the surrounding neighbourhood.

A Class 2 Home Occupation has minimal impact on the surrounding neighbours. This type of business is only allowed if it can be guaranteed there will be no adverse impact on the neighbours.

To determine you home business classification please answer the following questions:

1. Do you have clients or customers coming to your home?
2. Do you have deliveries to your home?
3. Do you have employees coming to your home?
4. Do you manufacture or produce goods in your home? For example, manufacturing furniture or producing food items.
5. Do you store materials and equipment or park trailers/commercial vehicles on site?


If you answered YES to one or all of these questions, please complete a pdf Home Occupation Development Permit (189 KB) . If you answered NO to all the questions, you will still need to apply for a Business License.

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