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The design, size and location of signs can create a powerful image of Canmore for both residents and visitors. The intent of the signage standards and regulations is to balance the visibility of signage with an attractive appearance of the community, in keeping with its spectacular mountain setting. The Town regulates signage in order to establish a level playing field for all businesses by being consistent with approvals.

Certain sign types are not permitted in Canmore, including:

  • A-frame and other mobile signs
  • Permanent signs with a white background
  • Banner or corporate flags used as permanent signs
  • Electronic signs
  • Internally lit signs

A more complete list of prohibited signs can be found in section 9.13 of  the Land Use Bylaw.

Sign Permit Requirements

All new, replacement and temporary signs require a Development Permit unless explicitly exempt under the Land Use Bylaw

New signs include revised signs for existing businesses with different colours, information, or graphics. 

If replacing a previously approved sign with the same sign, a Certificate of Signage Conformance is the only approval required. This certificate acknowledges that the proposed sign is in conformance with the Land Use Bylaw on the date the certificate was issued.

All approved signs are issued a Sign Validation sticker. This sticker is valid in perpetuity or until a new or replacement sign is installed.

To obtain a Development Permit for signage, please fill out the pdf Development Permit Form (1.50 MB) and submit the required information as noted in the pdf signage requirements list (250 KB) .

To obtain a Certificate of Signage Conformance, please fill out the pdf Application Form (166 KB) .

Sign Permit Fees

Signage permit fees are listed here.

Multiple signs for the same business or property may be applied for under the same application, although there is an additional fee for every additional sign. 


If you need any additional information or would like to submit an application, please send it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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