Town of Canmore

706 - 10th Street Visitor Accommodation (Hotel)

What is Happening?

A proposed 10 unit Visitor Accommodation development in two connected buildings to replace an existing single family home at 706 10 St.

On July 28, 2021, the Canmore Planning Commission approved an application for the construction of two buildings that contain a total of 10 units of Visitor Accommodation (hotel) located at 706 10th Street. The site is currently occupied by a single family residential dwelling unit.

The application is for a permitted use and largely complies with Land Use Bylaw 2018-22 with the exception of four variances: building height to allow a small area of the peak of the roof to reach 11.61m instead of the 11.0 m allowed, a front yard setback variance to allow decks to be in the front yard, to not provide a loading space, and to not provide a prominent entrance from the street. 


The existing detached dwelling (white building in the image below) is a legally non-conforming use and the new development aligns with the intent for this area as the commercial core of Canmore. The proposed Visitor Accommodation is a permitted use.