Town of Canmore

Coast Apartments

What’s Happening

In December of 2018, a building permit was issued for a 89 unit multi-family apartment building within the Coast Apartment Direct Control District. There are 39 one-bedroom units and 50 two-bedroom units planned.  

The proposed building is the highest building proposed for Canmore at 21 meters, which is the maximum permitted height in the Coast Apartment DC District. It is located adjacent to the TransCanada Highway and will have a significant visual presence as seen from the highway.

While there are two lots to the south that have significant tree coverage, the trees will eventually be removed when the lots to the south are developed. Some of the trees along the east side of the property are proposed to be retained; however, many will be removed and it will take a number of years for new vegetation to provide screening from the highway. 

To address the location and size, the building has the following characteristics:

The building is oriented such that the narrow portion faces the Trans Canada Highway

The building has architectural features and colours that provide a distinctive look and visually mitigates the size. 


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