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Three Sisters Mountain Village Site 5 (The Gateway at Three Sisters)

Three Sisters Mountain Village has submitted an application for an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw 2018-22. The subject lands are the sum of the last remaining developable lands in the Stewart Creek area. The site is located to the east of Three Sisters Boulevard near the overpass and to the south of the TransCanada Highway.

Next Steps - Updated February 17, 2021

  1. Council gave first reading for this application on Tuesday, February 2. To read a copy of the bylaw, visit Bylaws Pending Approval
  2. A Public Hearing will be held Tuesday, March 2. Visit Public Hearings to read more about the process. Please note:
    1. Anyone may make a verbal presentation at the public hearing provided they have registered with the municipal clerk before the hearing adjourns. Presentations are limited to five minutes.
    2. To speak at the Public Hearing, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and reference Bylaw 2020-19.
    3. To provide a written submission, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and reference Bylaw 2020-19.
    4. All submissions become public documents and persons may want to limit personal information provided.

Land Use Information

A large portion of the Site 5 lands are currently zoned TS-GD Three Sisters Gateway Commercial District. The applicant has applied to rezone the remaining Site 5 lands, as well as the remaining slivers of Site 2B in the DC1-98 District, to the appropriate land use districts for subsequent subdivision and development. The lands are proposed to be rezoned to TS-GD Three Sisters Gateway Commercial District, R3 SC1 - Residential Comprehensive Multiple Unit, Stewart Creek District, ED - Environmental District and PD - Public Use District. The applicant is also proposing to add “Drive-in/Drive-through Food Services”, “Brewery/Distillery” and “Light Manufacturing” to the list of Discretionary Uses to the TS-GD District. The lands subject to this application are forested, vacant and un-serviced land. The area of Site 5 which currently has the TS-GD zoning is partially cleared and filled.

Existing Land Use Designation

Proposed Land Use Designation

Concept Plan

At the western edge in the TS-GD District, there are a series of commercial buildings, which are proposed to be one and two-storey commercial buildings with retail and service uses. Moving eastward, the development concept transitions into two to four-storey office buildings and four-storey mixed-use buildings. 

Continuing eastward into the R3 SC1 District, the development proposed is medium density residential, including uses such as townhouses, stacked townhouses and apartments (including employee housing and common amenity housing). To the south of the commercial and residential uses, there is a steep slope. This area is proposed to be rezoned to ED and retained as a natural area. A trail connector to Stewart Creek Phase 3 is proposed through this area as well.

In the middle separating the commercial from the residential development, there is a large area of lands proposed to be Public Use District. This area will allow for recreational uses, open spaces and utilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this application align with the Municipal Development Plan?
Yes. The Site 5 lands are within the Commercial and Mixed-Use land use classification of the Town’s MDP, which includes a mix of commercial and residential development.
Does this application align with the existing Stewart Creek Area Structure Plan?
Yes. Map 4 of the Stewart Creek ASP identifies Site 5 for Commercial/Mixed-Use development in the west and Residential in the eastern portion with Open Space to the south. The ASP generally describes the areas as follows:

The commercial/mixed-use area is intended to provide a range of commercial land uses complimentary to existing commercial areas within the Town of Canmore TC and GD Districts, including retail, service and office uses oriented primarily to the visitor/tourism market and new local markets. Uses are intended to be integrated within this area, including the potential integration of commercial, office and other uses within buildings. 

The residential area is intended to provide for medium density housing types, and is identified as a potential location for employee housing. 

Protection of areas classified as being of environmental significance, and to restrict development on steep slopes, pursuant to the Municipal Government Act, is to be provided through the designation of such areas as Environmental Reserve or creditable Municipal Reserve.

This application for an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw to TS-GD, R3 SC1, ED and PD Districts is consistent with the Stewart Creek ASP. 
Is undermining a concern in this area?
There are portions of the site which are undermined. Undermining concerns will be further addressed at the subdivision application pursuant to the Undermining Regulations.
Was a Sustainability Screening Report completed for this application?
Yes, to read the SSR pdf click here (29 KB) . Due to the land use composition of a significant amount of commercial land and the type of commercial, the proposed employee housing and a variety of other factors, the impact of the project is significantly positive. The Applicant also proposes to shadow LEED standards or obtain Built Green Bronze level certification of the buildings.
What would be the next steps if this application is approved?
Following or concurrent with rezoning of the lands, the landowners will be required to submit one or more subdivision applications. Subdivision will define the property lines for development, in addition to the designation of Town lands for roads, Municipal Reserve (MR), Environmental Reserve (ER), and Public Utility Lots (PUL). Municipal Reserve will be calculated and designated in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, the Three Sisters Resort Core and Stewart Creek Commercial Village Municipal Reserves Policy (PD-011), and any deferred reserve requirements registered on the title of the lands. Roads and utility servicing to the site will be designed and constructed during the subdivision process. 

Development Permit applications will be required for the development of the buildings on the site. Development of the area is proposed by the Applicant to occur in two to three phases, beginning with the commercial area.


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