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File Search Request

If you would like to view or get a copy/scan of the building plans for your property (or any other information on file for your property), please fill out and submit a pdf Building Plans Viewing Request form (559 KB) .

Environmental Search Request

Environmental searches can be requested of the Town of Canmore. Please contact the Planning and Development Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information regarding such requests and the associated fees. An approximate quote can be provided before the search is commenced. 

Land Use Bylaw Amendment

Land Use Bylaw Amendments are required to modify any of the regulations set out in the Land Use Bylaw. Frequently Land Use Bylaw Amendments are requested to change the current zoning of a parcel. Should you wish to request a Land Use Bylaw Amendment, please complete the pdf Land Use Bylaw Amendment application (138 KB)  and submit is with the appropriate application fee and required documents. The fees for a Land Use Bylaw amendment can be found in the fee schedule.

As part of the application process for a land Use Bylaw Amendment, an applicant is required to have a Sustainability Screening Report that has been accepted by Council. It is strongly recommended that prior to making a Land Use Bylaw Amendment Application that a Pre-Application Consultation be scheduled with the Planning & Development Department.

Stamp of Compliance

A Stamp of Compliance is confirmation that the Real Property Report you submit is compliant with the land use regulations of your district and that all construction on site was completed under a valid permit. A Stamp of Compliance is frequently requested by lending institutions or purchasers prior to the transfer of property.

If you are not compliant, we will not issue the stamp and we can require you to make your property compliant - either through application for the appropriate Development/Building Permit(s) or demolition of non-compliant development.

To request a Stamp of Compliance, please complete the pdf application form (166 KB)  and submit it with the pdf required documents (120 KB)

Subdivision & Condominium Endorsement

There are three major types of Subdivision: Fee Simple, Bareland Condominium and Building Condominium. Fee simple subdivisions which create more than three parcels must be approved by Council. Subdivisions which create less than three units, or are under 0.8 hectares, may be approved by Town Administration.

To apply for subdivision, please fill out the pdf application form (49 KB) , and submit it to the Town of Canmore along with the the following:

  • application fee
  • tentative plan of survey (2 copies)
  • certificate of title or permission to make application on behalf of owner
  • context map (2 copies)
  • development grading plan (3 copies - not always required)
  • analysis of applicable town documents/policy relative to this application i.e. MDP, ASP, ARP, Slope Policy, EDCG, and Land Use Bylaw (not required for all applications)
  • one digital copy of the entire application (tentative plan and development grading plan must be high resolution
  • other supporting information as determined by the Town of Canmore

 Please see the section titled Subdivision of Land in the Land Use Bylaw as well at the  pdf Guidelines for Subdivision and Development in Mountainous Terrain (128 KB)  for more information.

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