Town of Canmore

Guiding Documents

Our Vision

"Canmore is a resilient and vibrant community socially, economically, and environmentally. Its strength is in its resourceful and engaged citizens, who thrive together on the strength of the community’s heritage, long term commitment to the diversity of its people, and health of the mountain landscape."  Canmore's Municipal Development Plan, 2016



pdf 2017-2018 Budgets & Business Plan (10.84 MB)

pdf 2018 Budget Amendments (704 KB)

Operating & Capital Budgets

pdf Long Term Financial Strategy (1.58 MB)


pdf 2016 Climate Change Adaptation Background Report and Resilience Plan (2.54 MB)

pdf 2018 Climate Action Plan (1.14 MB)

pdf Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (2.27 MB)

pdf Human Use Management Review (845 KB)

pdf Stepping Back From Water Guide 2012 (2.62 MB)

pdf Wildlife corridor and habitat patch guidelines 2012 (11.97 MB)

pdf Guidelines for Human Use Within Wildlife Corridors and Habitat Patches 1999 (2.25 MB)

Infrastructure & Transportation

pdf 2017 Building Condition Assessment Executive Summary (414 KB)

pdf Integrated Transportation Plan (12.16 MB)

pdf 2017 Spatial Needs Study (48.67 MB)

pdf Town Centre Enhancement Concept Plan (107 KB)

pdf 2018 Town Centre Parking Study (7.36 MB)

pdf 2018 Integrated Parking Management Plan (2.24 MB)

pdf 2010 Utility Master Plan (6.29 MB)

pdf Waste Management Strategy (720 KB)

pdf 2017 IT Master Plan (477 KB)

pdf 2018 Broadband Strategic Plan (12.75 MB)


pdf 2019 2022 Council Strategic Plan (5.11 MB)  

       pdf 2018 Report to the Community (4.88 MB)

pdf Mining the Future - Final Report (1.88 MB)

pdf Signposts to Sustainability Final Report (253 KB)

Area Structure & Redevelopment Plans 

pdf 2016 Canmore Municipal Development Plan (5.52 MB)

     Reporting on MDP:  pdf 2017 Annual Review of Municipal Development Plan (1.68 MB)  

Land Use Bylaw

pdf 2018 Town of Canmore Organizational Review (3.35 MB)


pdf Tools for the Future (3.07 MB)

Cultural Master Plan (coming soon)

pdf 2017 Canmore Living Wage Report (505 KB)

pdf Open Space & Trails Plan (3.78 MB)

pdf Open Space Development Guidelines 2005 (173 KB)

pdf 2016 Recreation Master Plan (5.19 MB)

pdf 2005 Open Space Development Guidelines (173 KB)

pdf Town of Canmore commitments to TRC actions
(359 KB)

pdf Comprehensive Housing Action Plan (177 KB)

pdf Lands Evaluation for Affordable Housing 2017 (1.39 MB)


Emergency Management Plan (coming soon)

pdf Fire Master Plan (17.71 MB)

     Reporting on Fire Master Plan:  pdf Fire Rescue Master Plan 2018 Update (716 KB)

pdf Wildfire Mitigation Strategy (3.45 MB)

pdf FireSmart Mitigation Strategy  (5.60 MB)

pdf FireSmart Protecting Your Community 2003 (20.68 MB)

pdf Canmore Fire Rescue Staffing Study (11.73 MB)

pdf Guidelines for New Development in Proximity to Railways 2013 (5.06 MB)

Hazard & Risk Assessments (coming soon)

Bow River Hazard Study (coming soon)