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The Land Use Bylaw topics on this page address the size, form, and access of buildings to protect our access to light, privacy, enjoyment of views. Below is some information about how the regulations in the Land Use Bylaw minimize the effect of building massing, and what types of roof styles are allowed in Canmore for detached dwellings and duplex dwellings.

Click here to see the current Land Use Bylaw. 

 Building Massing

The Land Use Bylaw has regulations intended to reduce the negative effects of building massing on the street. This helps to make buildings less imposing and creates a more pedestrian-friendly environment. For example, buildings can be required to "step back" from the street on the upper floors, reducing the building's imposition on the street. Other strategies to reduce the effect of building massing include limiting building heights and having limits on allowable building projections .

What is new?

Recently, there have been an increasing number of reverse pitch roofs over decks that significantly increase the building massing on the street and adjacent properties. In response to this, a new method to calculate building height has been implemented in order to restrict building mass in certain areas. 

To find out more about how these regulations may impact the height and roof styles on your new building, click the photo below to download our Envelope Method Guide.


Roof Styles 

The previous Land Use Bylaw encouraged steep roof pitches on detached dwellings and duplex dwellings, which contributed to the town's mountain character. However, a desire for more flexibility in roof types was expressed to allow for a greater diversity of architecture and allow for flat, shallow, and complex roof styles. 

What is new? 

The Land Use Bylaw allows for a variety of roof styles for detached dwellings and duplex dwellings, which provides for more architectural variety and new interpretations of mountain architecture. Steep roof pitches are allowed alongside modern roof styles. The Land Use Bylaw includes two ways of determining roof slopes depending on the style being proposed.


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