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The Land Use Bylaw topics on this page address the comfort, safety, convenience, and enjoyment of our streets through what happens on (parking, pop-up patios etc.) and along (trees, gathering sports, businesses, restaurants etc.) the street. Below is information regarding how the new Land Use Bylaw would address parking requirements and signage regulations. These both contribute to how the streets in Canmore look and feel and how they function. 

Click here to see the current Land Use Bylaw. 

Parking Requirements

The 2018 Integrated Transportation Plan identified the need to change travel patterns in Canmore to address road network capacity issues. As Canmore grows, our transportation network will become constrained if we do not adjust our travel patterns. To proactively managed transportation issues, we need to encourage those residents and visitors who have the ability to use other modes of transportation to make fewer trips in their vehicle. The proposed new Land Use Bylaw seeks to provide options for more sustainable methods of transportation.

One way to address how the transportation network functions is to proactively manage parking, including making deliberate choices about car and bicycle parking requirements. Currently, Canmore’s parking requirements make it most convenient for people to drive rather than to use other modes of transportation. Changing our parking requirements will have a fundamental influence on the capacity and sustainability of our existing infrastructure and how we address growth challenges moving forward. 

What is new? 

The requirements have now been simplified for non-residential uses by establishing sub-classes based on the nature of uses, as noted in the table below.  In general, car parking requirements decrease and bicycle parking requirements increase as part of a deliberate effort to encourage alternative forms of transportation. 

Read a summary about how parking is currently regulated pdf here (102 KB)  



Signage in Canmore contributes to the town's mountain character and complements the architecture, influencing how the town looks and feels. Signs also ensure that people can easily locate Canmore's businesses and accommodations. The current Land Use Bylaw requires that all signs have a dark background with lettering in a lighter colour. It also restricts the types of signs that can be located in the town. 

What is new? 

Public feedback has indicated that the current regulations in the existing Land Use Bylaw are too restrictive. The new Land Use Bylaw will allow for more variation in signage, including the ability to have a light background colour on a sign with darker lettering. It will also allow for signage in more diverse locations on sites and for new types of signs.

The current prohibition against mobile A-frame signs is maintained, however, chalkboard signs are allowed in commercial districts outside the Gateway district and Town Centre.

Existing Bylaw

Today, the Land Use Bylaw includes the following direction: “background colours shall be dark tones with lettering and logos using contrasting colours.”


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