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What is the Municipal Development Plan (MDP)?

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) guides the community on its path toward greater sustainability by integrating the community’s vision with municipal planning and decision making. The MDP addresses environmental, economic, social, cultural and governance aspects of the community from a land use and development perspective. The MDP sets the Town’s overall policy direction for community land use decisions, and all planning documents such as area structure plans and the land use bylaw are aligned with it. The MDP also provides direction to Town Council to help prioritize initiatives for capital projects, strategic planning and budgeting.

The Five Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles and strategies will be considered by the Town in making land use decisions. In making individual decisions, one or more principles or strategies may take higher priority over the others. The cumulative results of these decisions will guide the community towards achieving the vision.




Social Fabric

Recognize and strengthen Canmore as a diverse,inclusive community, integrating residents of all ages, income levels, and skills.


Understand,cherish and maintain the diverse nature of Canmore’s landscape, heritage and people.

Environmental Stewardship

Exercise leadership and environmental excellence through innovation and creativity.

Economic Sustainability

Build a strong and vibrant local economy and business base that is resilient to changes in any one sector.

Civic Engagement & Leadership

Nurture a well-informed and broad-based electorate that is empowered to vote,to be involved in community decisions, and to make a positive contribution to the community

Download the pdf Municipal Development Plan here (4.11 MB)

 *Updated version uploaded on October 12th with minor typographical changes (spacing, Table of Contents, chapter headers, numbering)*

The Municipal Development Plan passed third reading on September 13, 2016. 


Municipal Development Plan Reference Materials

pdf Bow Valley Wildland/Urban Interface Plan (15.66 MB)
pdf Canmore Wildland/Urban Interface Plan (17.74 MB)
Cash-in-Lieu Policy
Community Engagement and Information Policy
pdf Comprehensive Housing Action Plan (177 KB)
pdf Engineering Design and Construction Guidelines (2010) (6.89 MB)
pdf Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Policy (2016) (4.35 MB)
pdf FireSmart Mitigation Strategy (5.60 MB)
pdf Guidelines for Subdivision and Development in Mountainous Terrain (128 KB)
pdf Integrated Transportation Plan (2014) (15.09 MB)
pdf Mining the Future (1.88 MB)
pdf Open Spaces and Trails Plan (2015) (3.78 MB)
Public Art Policy
pdf Recreation Master Plan (2005) (3.26 MB)
pdf Signposts to Sustainability (2010) (253 KB)
pdf Steep Creek Hazard and Risk Policy (2016) (2.83 MB)
pdf An Assessment of the Needs of Young Adults Living in the Bow Valley: Challenges of the Resort Town Experience (289 KB)

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