Town of Canmore

Mining the Future: A vision for Canmore

A vision is a rich, clear and inspiring picture of some aspect of the world – of our own life or of our family, company, town or country – at a time in the future.  It expresses our present imagining of what the future could be for us.

In the autumn of 2005, Canmore’s Mayor and Council asked the community to create a vision for the future of the town.  At the heart of the project – named Mining the Future - lay the question:  “What kind of community can we as citizens imagine Canmore becoming in the years ahead?" 

The Canmore Vision was created over eight months from the ground up, and as such is much more than the Vision Statement itself.  The 600-plus Mining the future Participants - including more than 40 neighbourhood groups and community groups - identified:

  • Key community values;
  • community principles that guide our actions as Canmorites;
  • goals that we will need to reach to become the community we have imagined;
  • criteria to help us make the decisions that will help us achieve our goals.

Together, the values, principles, goals and criteria constitute the Canmore Vision.  The Vision Statement, is only the peak of the mountain; the Vision’s full value lies in what was learned along the climb.

For a summary of results, read the Mining the Future –   pdf Executive Summary (1.58 MB) .  

For a detailed explanation of background, process, and results, read the Mining the Future -  pdf Final Report (1.88 MB) .

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