Town of Canmore

Area Structure & Redevelopment Plans

What is an Area Structure Plan (ASP/ARP)?

An ASP is a high level land use plan that provides an area specific framework for future subdivision and development. It identifies a conceptual layout for general land uses, utility infrastructure, roads, public spaces and recreation.

Canmore Area Structure Plan and Area Redevelopment Plan Map

Document Links

pdf Bow Valley Trail ARP (2.26 MB)
pdf Teepee Town ARP (4.01 MB)
pdf Spring Creek Mountain Village ARP (6.15 MB)
pdf Three Sisters Mountain Village - Resort Centre ASP (6.95 MB)
pdf Silvertip ASP 2007 (3.15 MB)
pdf Palliser Trail ARP (6.18 MB)
pdf Three Sisters Mountain Village - Stewart Creek ASP (30.23 MB)
pdf Indian Flats ASP (884 KB)

Further municipal reference materials

pdf Planning and Development Process Brochure 2016 (1.82 MB)
pdf Open Space and Trails Plan (3.78 MB)
pdf Guidelines for Subdivision and Development in Mountainous Terrain (128 KB)
pdf Community engagement and information policy (1.20 MB)
pdf Parking cash-in-lieu policy (101 KB)
pdf Perpetually Affordable Housing policy (408 KB)
pdf Offsite Levy Bylaw (3.19 MB)
pdf Town Centre Enhancement Concept Plan (107 KB)
pdf Building Permit Bylaw (25-2008) (95 KB)
Mining the Future: A Vision for Canmore
Engineering Reference Material
Signposts to Sustainability
Sustainability Screening Report
Comprehensive Housing Action Plan
Municipal Government Act (external link)

If you would like a copies of a specific bylaw or policy that is not listed here, please contact the Municipal Records Officer at the Town Executive Office.