Town of Canmore

What's happening on 7th and 7th?

On June 6, 2017 Council approved the 7th Street & 7th Avenue Direct Control (DC) District for the lots historically home to the Our Lady of The Rockies Parish to allow for a multi-family residential development. 

A total of 38 residential units are being proposed, 4 of which will be Perpetual Affordable Housing (PAH) units. There will be a mix of unit types such as stacked townhouses and apartments, ranging from 1 – 3 bedroom units. 

The development will be constructed on top of a single storey parkade that is partially submerged below grade (due to high groundwater levels in the area). The parkade will house all the parking required for this development totaling 60 stalls, and provides for an additional 38 secured indoor bicycle stalls with another 8 provided outdoors; which are intended to service the needs of residents and visitors to the site. 

The development proposal mainly conforms to the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) with the exception of a few sections, as it relates to setbacks, landscaping, loading stalls and at grade unit entrances. 

On April 9, 2018 Canmore Planning Commission (CPC) approved Development Permit DP2017-204 for a 38 Unit Multi-Family Residential, the with request for four variances:

  1. To Section of the Land Use Bylaw, to allow a variance of 1.78m to the rear yard setback requirement of 2.5m. 
  2. To Section of the Land Use Bylaw, to not require at grade unit entrances within the rear lane. 
  3. To Section (f) of the Land Use Bylaw, to not require an onsite loading stall. 
  4. To Section 9, 2.1.3 (6) of the Land Use Bylaw, to allow for 32 trees (5 tree variance) to the 37 tree minimum landscaping requirement, the proposed tree sizes to all be small, and the percentage of coniferous trees (38% in comparison to the required 60%).

pdf Bylaw 2016-28 7th Street and 7th Avenue Direct Control District (3.14 MB)