Town of Canmore

Base Camp on 10th Street

The proposed project is  located  at  721‐9th  Street (currently a vacant lot),  and  is  a  double‐fronting  site  onto  10th  street  and  the Walk  of  Champions  (9th  Street).  This  application  proposes  a  new  three‐storey  building  comprised of nine visitor accommodation units and two employee housing units.  

The site is located in the Town Centre District, where visitor accommodation and employee housing are both permitted uses. The applicant has proposed 11 units of various sizes.  

Employee housing: two studio units are both 32m² (341ft²) in area 

Visitor Accommodation: 

  • The 1 bedroom units (4 in quantity) are 32m² (346ft²) in area 
  • The 2 bedroom unit (1 in quantity) is 73m² (782ft²) in area 
  • The 3 bedroom units (4 in quantity) units range from 65m² to 97m² (695ft² to 1041ft²) in area

The location of the project is highlighted in blue.