Town of Canmore

Canmore Hotel Resortation

What's Happening

On April 25, 2017, Council approved a development permit for a renovation at the Canmore Hotel that will update the restaurant and bar, and add a new patio on Main Street. 



The Canmore Hotel was built in 1890 and is a Canmore community landmark. The building today maintains its historic significance and in 2015 it was designated a Municipal Historic Resource. Bylaw 2015-15 was adopted to create the ‘Canmore Hotel Direct Control District.’ The purpose of the DC district is to preserve the heritage and character of the Canmore Hotel. It outlines the design requirements, the historic resource, and states that Council is the Development Authority. To read the full report presented to council, click here.



Details of Development Permit Application

Building Exterior

  • Paint the building façade and veranda a cream ‘vanilla milkshake’ colour, paint the trim a ‘stone brown’ colour
  • Remove the vestibules on Main Street
  • Install front façade trellis trim on the veranda
  • Replace the entire roof with grey-brown asphalt shingles
  • Replace the windows with white PVC surrounded with saddle brown wood trim
  • Replace the Mine Side Diner door on 7th Avenue, with a period-appropriate door
  • Install a metal eave below each roof line, painted dark grey
  • Install a concrete ramp adjacent to the existing concrete veranda on Main Street

Patio Addition

  • Remove the beer cooler addition on Main Street, replace with overhead door to the eating establishment. Reinstate siding to a painted cream and brown colour.
  • Install cortan steel on the existing first floor stair addition
  • Install wood door, painted brown and server station 
  • Install patio, with tables and landscaping
  • Install wood shade structure between the Hotel and property boundary, stained saddle brown
  • Install a low fence of cortan steel panels on Main Street
  • Install wood fence at the rear of patio area, stained brown
  • Install weatherproof and animal proof garbage enclosure to the rear of the patio
  • Install 12 bicycle parking stalls to the rear of the Main Street patio

Main Floor Renovation

  • Renovate existing eating establishment, install new bar, pool table and pinball machines
  • Remove Mine Side Diner and install hostel lobby area
  • Reinstate the liquor store operation
  • Install staff area near the existing retail liquor store/beer cooler area
  • Install mechanical room to relocate basement services

Second Floor Renovation

  • Change the Use from Hotel (Visitor Accommodation) to Hostel
  • Create 15 rooms; with an occupancy of 70 persons
  • Install women’s and men’s washrooms and shower rooms
  • Enclose the terrace area towards the interior of the building
  • Install bar area and additional seating for the restaurant in the rear patio area