Town of Canmore

Snow Clearing

The Town of Canmore manages snow and ice in a manner that makes best efforts to provide safe access for users of the transportation network and public facilities. Snow and ice control will focus on accident and loss prevention, facilitating emergency response equipment, mitigating against economic loss, and delivering service with an environmental and sustainable conscience.

We use a variety of equipment, strategies, and service providers to manage snow and ice within the community. Each snow event is different and crews will plow areas with the highest priority before moving on to areas with a lower priority level. Snow and ice mitigation is attempted if possible prior to snow events, and snow plowing typically takes precedence over snow removal. You can read more in the pdf Snow and Ice Control Policy (2.78 MB) .

Below are maps (click on map to download a pdf of it) showing the priority areas:

Live Snow Plow Locations

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