Town of Canmore

The Epic Poo Race

This is a ten-part series called The Epic Poo Race.

There are many items that are not intended to be put into the sewer system. These items can cause clogs in the system which are costly and time consuming to fix, leading to higher utility costs for residents.

This series will follow our competitors as they race from the toilet in your home to the waste water treatment plant, encountering items along the way that should not be there. Each episode features where the item should go instead of down the toilet. We hope you enjoy a fun way of identifying what does not belong in the sewer system.


One flush is sort of like one vote. One vote does matter and can make a difference. If you flush the wrong stuff once, you are more likely to create a habit. If your friends, neighbours, co-workers, and everyone else in town flushes the wrong stuff, it all adds up pretty quickly. Don’t let a bad habit start. Flush the right stuff.


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