Town of Canmore

Signposts to Sustainability

The community adopted the Mining the Future Vision (MTF) in 2006. The Mining the Future II process was commenced in 2007. As part of MTF II the community undertook discussions about how to move from present day Canmore to the sustainable future Canmore described in MTF. This process involved discussions in small groups, community café style discussions and work parties of representatives of various groups. During the process the issues and potential solutions evolved through dialogue and these became the foundations of a draft Community Sustainability Plan. In 2010 Council terminated the draft Community Sustainability Plan process. However, it was Council’s desire that in the absence of a Community Sustainability Plan the public comments, discussion and hard work be preserved. To accomplish this, Council directed that the pdf Signposts to Sustainability (253 KB)  document be created out of these comments to acknowledge and honour the substantial public input provided during MTFII. This document will be used as a resource for Council when considering current and future issues facing the Town.

The full pdf Signposts to Sustainability (253 KB)  is available for download.

Signposts to Sustainability is built upon and incorporates the values and principles of the Mining the Future Vision (MTF- see appendix 4.1), created by the citizens of Canmore in 2006. An additional process of engaging the citizens of Canmore in 2008 (MTFII) included some of those people from MTF and expanded involvement to include new individuals and groups throughout the community.

The Signposts document is best viewed in an integrated way, bearing in mind such overarching topics as:

  • the cumulative effects of one decision versus another;
  • the notion of limits to growth;
  • implementation and accountability by Town Council to the citizens of Canmore; 
    affordable housing; and
  • transportation (with walking and biking, over vehicles).

Focusing on sustainability is a new way of thinking for Canmore’s citizens and leaders. Aligning day-to-day decisions and actions with the community’s accepted vision – Mining the Future – requires important shifts in thinking and acting, and in the creation of clear trade-offs. With this in mind, here are four key principles to consider that are reflected in the views of the citizens of Canmore:

  • Doing business differently
  • Recognizing we can’t have it all, all the time
  • Taking personal responsibility for our decisions, our actions, and our community
  • Measuring success in new and different ways

pdf Signposts to Sustainability (253 KB) has been written to provide Town Council with a citizen’s based view on sustainability issues facing the town, as it steers community change and development in Canmore to meet the needs of current and future citizens. The document has been written primarily to provide Town Council with guidance when making decisions on behalf of the citizens of Canmore. In addition it provides guidance for Administration and other bodies in the community.