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Land Use Bylaw Updates

Canmore is updating its Land Use Bylaw. The Land Use Bylaw directs the town’s form and use, and though most of the Bylaw will remain unchanged, the Town is modernizing key regulations to account for community changes, suggestions, challenges, and aspirations.

Click here to see the current Land Use Bylaw.  The Land Use Bylaw helps Canmore work towards its Municipal Development Plan vision:

Canmore is a resilient and vibrant community, socially, economically, and environmentally. Its strength is in its resourceful and engaged citizens, who thrive together on the strength of the community’s heritage, long-term commitment to the diversity of its people, and health of the mountain landscape.

To reach this vision, each regulation within the Land Use Bylaw plays a role in supporting sustainable growth, respecting community character, improving mobility choice, and more.

We are not discussing everything in the Land Use Bylaw at this time, but instead focusing on key amendments that:

  • Are becoming more popular due to changing preferences, values, and aspirations 
  • Require a re-visit to ensure the guidance is well-defined, effective, and reflects community desires
  • Make the direction in the Land Use Bylaw clearer and easier to use

Specifically, we want to cover topics that contribute to Canmore’s Street Life, Housing, Building, and Land.

Click on the appropriate category below to review the specific topics.  

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 LUB timeline

What we Heard

Phase one of the engagement process included:

  • An online survey
  • Sounding boards
  • Pop-up events 
  • Stakeholder meetings

Read the pdf Summary of Community Engagement Report (9.07 MB) and notes from the pdf stakeholder meetings (289 KB) .

Get Involved

Watch for more information as we prepare to bring our recommendations, based on what we heard from the public, to council in October/November 2018.

Street Life

The comfort, safety, convenience, and enjoyment of our streets through what happens on and along the street.

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How we shape the form of our buildings, landscaping, and parking to protect access, privacy, light, and views.

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Where and how we live and stay in our town, and ensuring it is affordable and inclusive for our neighbours, workers, children, and visitors.

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How the land that shapes our community is regulated to ensure we respect the environment and geography of our town.

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