Town of Canmore


The Land Use Bylaw amendments in this page address where and how we live and stay in our town and ensuring it is affordable and inclusive for our neighbours, workers, children, and visitors. 

Click here to see the current Land Use Bylaw. 


Ensuring the people who work in Canmore can live in Canmore. 

Employee housing is intended for people who work in Canmore for a minimum of 20 hours per week. Canmore is experiencing significant pressure on housing, with the vacancy rate at 0% over the last few years. This housing pressure is leading to shortages of employees and lower service levels in our service-based tourism, hospitality, and wellness industries.

Proposed Policy

Employee housing has a role to play in providing housing in our community.

An Employee Housing Policy is a useful tool to provide more detail and direction on employee housing in Canmore.  

We are working on drafting a policy that will guide the ongoing discussion and you will have the opportunity to provide more feedback in 2018.




Providing clear guidance for tourist homes. 

A “tourist home” offers visitor accommodation in a residence. Tourist homes are typically advertised on websites like Airbnb or VRBO.

Tourist homes have benefits, such as:

  • Visitor experience: Offers a vacation rental experience within a residential area, allowing visitors to ‘live like a local’
  • Supplementary income: Some homeowners operate tourist homes to supplement their income and off-set the costs in an increasingly expensive town

There are also concerns, such as:

  • Unfair advantage: Compared to other visitor accommodation, illegal tourist homes have lower taxes and expenses
  • Potential nuisance: Some worry about noise, parking, and other impacts
  • Housing: A proliferation of tourist homes limits housing availability and affordability

Read a summary about how tourist homes are currently regulated pdf here (94 KB)


Ensuring consistent guidance for visitor accommodation in our community. 

Bed & breakfasts are commercial tourist accommodation operated by the permanent resident of a home and provide a maximum accommodation of two guest rooms or six pillows, whichever is less, for 14 days or less with one daily meal provided. 

Read a summary about how bed and breakfasts are currently regulated pdf here (97 KB)