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The Land Use Bylaw topics on this page address where and how we live and stay in our town and ensuring it is affordable and inclusive for our neighbours, workers, children, and visitors.  

For information on proposed accessory dwelling units (suites), house massing and what types of roof styles should be allowed in Canmore, as well as what driveway locations (front or back) should be allowed for new developments, visit Building

Click here to see the current Land Use Bylaw. 

Employee Housing

Providing housing for employees is important to ensure that people who work in Canmore can also live in Canmore. Currently, the only places in Canmore that require Employee Housing are in Three Sisters Mountain Village, Spring Creek Mountain Village, and SilverTip.

The vacancy rate for housing in Canmore has been 0% for the past several years, and therefore there are very few places for employees working in the tourism, hospitality, and wellness industries to live. The Comprehensive Housing Action Plan and past Council direction have both called for new visitor accommodation developments to provide Employee Housing. 

What is new? 

After conducting a thorough review of the regulations which exist in the LUB and all previous approaches, it has been determined that the LUB is overstepping its jurisdiction of regulating “the use and development of land and buildings” under section 640(1) of the MGA by trying to regulate the user (i.e. those who can occupy a dwelling unit). The proposed by Administration is to introduce a new built form(s) in residential and commercial districts that would allow for higher tenant densities in the form of buildings with communal eating and living spaces but with separate sleeping quarters (referred to as Common Amenity Housing). 
The definition of "lodging house" and "family" has been removed from the new bylaw.









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