Town of Canmore


The Land Use Bylaw amendments in this page address how the land that shapes our community is regulated to ensure we respect the environment and geography of our town. 

Click here to see the current Land Use Bylaw. 


Adapting our development to the land. 

Steep creeks are creeks that flow downhill from high elevations. 

Given Canmore’s mountain location and varied topography, there are locations along creeks where development must be controlled to minimize risks and respect creek slopes and banks. 

Canmore has adopted a policy that provides the following guidance:

  • Maps that show the degree of hazard along steep creeks
  • Criteria for how to measure risk
  • Process recommendations for developers who wish to undertake development in steep creek hazard areas  

Review the approved Steep Creek Hazard and Risk Policy pdf here (2.85 MB) .  




Clarifying the land use districts that apply to public land.

The Town has identified the need to update the land use districts for publicly-owned land that facilitate public use, protect environmentally sensitive areas, and reserve land for a future, yet currently undetermined, purpose. Many of these districts work towards the same purpose and may potentially be streamlined. Presently, the Town is reviewing how these updated districts could work.

Creating updated districts does not mean that the land in the current districts, which apply to public land, will change. Any potential re-districting would occur through a separate process. 

Read a summary of each district pdf here (98 KB) .