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2018 Projects

The Mayor’s Report to the Community: A look back at 2017, and a look ahead at what’s happening in 2018.



For a look back at the priorities and progress of 2017 initiatives, read the pdf Report to the Community (4.67 MB) .



Many projects were approved in the 2018 Budget and are scheduled to begin this year. The full budget can be viewed on our Budget & Financial Information webpage.


A copy of Mayor Borrowman’s speaking notes from his Jan. 11, 2018 presentation on this topic can be found  pdf here (388 KB) .

Here is an alphabetical summary of some of the 2018 projects that may be of interest to the public (click on the project heading for more detailed information):

2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games Bid
The Town has an opportunity to be involved with a possible Calgary bid to host the 2026 Winter Games. If there is an opportunity to advance our strategic priorities through hosting the Games, then doing the work necessary to understand and consider all options is worthwhile.

Active Transportation Projects – watch for more updates coming soon 
This includes planning for safe routes to school, traffic calming projects, pedestrian crossing improvements, bicycle parking facilities in and around the Town Centre and at municipal facilities. 

Benchlands Trail Rehabilitation
Benchlands Trail will be re-paved in the summer of 2018 as part of routine road rehabilitation. This maintenance work extends the life of the overall road structure, and provides opportunities to analyze the area and look for other ways to improve function, safety and comfort for all road users. 

Broadband Internet  
Information gathered in the 2017 community study will be used to provide recommendations for how the Town can best deliver broadband internet services to the community.

BVT & Teepee Town Transportation Planning 
Teepee Town and Bow Valley Trail are under redevelopment with infill and green field residential and commercial development. This is an area that is highly walkable and cycleable and a high priority for enabling those modes in order to decrease traffic and parking pressures. 

Composting in Canmore 
We are currently investigating options for a container based organics collection and composting system (similar to recycling and garbage collection), in order to have in place a comprehensive community wide organic waste handling program. 

Cultural Master Plan - watch for more updates coming soon 
The 15 year old Cultural Master Plan is due for a review and update. This Master Plan articulates a long-term vision for cultural vitality and establishes community priorities. 

Economic Development
With the dissolution of Canmore Business and Tourism (CBT), the Town of Canmore will be taking on economic development. Council approved an in-house economic development office beginning in 2018, which is funded entirely through business registry fees – not through property tax revenue. 

Fire Hall – Expansion or Relocation – watch for more updates coming soon
The Fire and Rescue Department is experiencing increasing space constraints, and in order to meet required service delivery throughout our growing community we may need to plan for either an expansion of the existing building, or for a new fire hall in a different location. A study will be conducted to consider options, which will be presented to Council later this year.

FireSmart Strategy
In 2017 the Town began an update to our FireSmart Community Plan. As well, we will soon complete an updated Wildfire Preparedness Guide and a Wildfire Mitigation Strategy. 

Horseshoe Trails Improvement – watch for more updates coming soon
As part of implementing the Open Space and Trails Plan, trails improvements and decommissioning of rogue trails are needed for the horseshoe area. These trails are used by walkers, runners, cyclists, and horseback riders. This project will benefit from partnership with the Government of Alberta that is also planning trail improvements in this area. 

Human Use Management Review (HUMR) - Signage and West Palliser Trail – watch for more updates coming soon
While the designation of wildlife corridors is a provincial responsibility, the residents of Canmore and visitors have an impact on the effectiveness of wildlife corridors and habitat patches. Recommendations for trails and management of recreational use include: reducing trail density in the West Palliser area of trails (installation of trail signage, trail restoration, and some decommissioning), signage to identify wildlife corridor locations and to inform users on approved trails and areas that must be avoided. 

Human - Wildlife Coexistence in the Bow Valley  
We have established a multi-jurisdictional approach to address human wildlife coexistence. A technical working group of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders will identify conflict mitigation programs, make recommendations on reducing the frequency of conflict, and identify ways to change public behaviour. 

Land Use Bylaw Updates 
Canmore is updating its Land Use Bylaw. The Land Use Bylaw directs the town’s form and use, and though most of the Bylaw will remain unchanged, the Town is modernizing key regulations to account for community changes, suggestions, challenges, and aspirations.  Each regulation within the Land Use Bylaw plays a role in supporting sustainable growth, respecting community character, improving mobility choice, and more. Specifically, we want to chat about updates that cover a wide range of topics that contribute to Canmore’s Street Life, Housing, Building, and Land. 

Canmore Recreation Centre Lifecycle Maintenance Project
The Canmore Recreation Centre (CRC) is the largest of our municipal buildings, and the original section is now 35 years old. The current lifecycle replacement and building upgrade project for the CRC, which received much public scrutiny and input through 2017, will complete essential maintenance work, replace the ice plant, increase change room size for the Alex Kaleta arena, and include modifications to the floor plan of the building.

NWMP Barracks Short Term Repairs & Maintenance – watch for more updates coming soon
A recent building condition assessment noted that we need to re-stain the exterior of the shed, paint the structure, install a sump pump, and modify roof grades to get proper drainage away from building and prevent icicle build up over main entrance. 

Online Taxi Training – watch for more updates coming soon This year we are developing an online taxi training program for brokers & drivers. The primary focus and intent for this training will be to address professionalism, safety, and customer service in the industry.

Larch Rink Replacement
We will replace the existing outdoor ice surface on the Old Daycare Lands in the Larch area. The project will replace the asphalt surface with concrete in order to make the surface more durable, install higher chain link fencing for the safety, and add both a new enclosed player box and a new vault washroom.

Photo Radar Enforcement Program Review
A full review of the Photo Radar program will be conducted early in 2018, with a report presented to Council for consideration prior to the contract expiry in August of this year.

New Public Art Piece
There will be an open call for senior or mid-career Canadian artists to propose designs for a $150,000 public art commission. The competition will be to create a work similar in scale to Touchstone, the piece at Elevation Place created in 2012 by New Brunswick artist Peter Powning. 

Elizabeth Rummel School Vault Washroom
The new two multi-use stalls will be a great benefit to users of this very busy field that is heavily booked from April to mid-October with youth soccer.

Public Washrooms at Riverside Park – watch for more updates coming soon
The new two multi-use stalls will be a great benefit to people gathering by the river for picnics, events, and even trail walkers and runners.

Quarry Lake Mountain Bike Trails
Last year there was a project to work with a volunteer group to formalize the mountain bike trails in the Quarry Lake Park, create a new trail, and to establish a trails maintenance program – all under Town direction. The project was delayed due to the high number of area closures in the summer due to bear activity, but will be completed this year.

Railway Avenue
Railway Avenue is Canmore's busiest road and a main connection between the Gateway and Town Centre districts. As a key road in our transportation network, Railway Avenue is due for rehabilitation and deep utility upgrades as part of our preventative maintenance plan. 

Seniors Centre - Exterior Repairs & Maintenance – watch for more updates coming soon
These repairs are part of a core maintenance program for asset protection. Repairs will include staining siding and replacing windows, shingles, eaves trough, downspouts, exterior lighting, railings, and doors. As well the vestibule will be reconfigured to improve accessibility. This project excludes the new gymnasium expansion portion of the facility, since components associated with this newer addition are still in good condition. 

Waste Management Centre Solar Power - project complete
The system is expected to generate half of the power required for the Waste Management Centre. The project will be funded from the recycling reserve. The system is expected to have a 30 year lifecycle before scheduled for replacement.

Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan 
Concurrent with the LUB update, a review of the Teepee Town ARP is underway to focus on the general regulations that govern development and evaluating opportunities for affordable housing in the neighbourhood.

Tennis Court Upgrades – watch for more updates coming soon
The parks department will be working with recreation services and key stakeholders to develop a design and business plan for expanding the tennis courts at Lions Park this year. As well, the court at Veterans Park will be resurfaced. 

Trail Surface Rehabilitation – watch for more updates coming soon 
The Town has approximately 77 km of trails of which approximately 17.5 km are hard surface trails that are formally inspected semi-annually. Inspection reports will create a lifecycle replacement schedule based on priority. We will replace some sections of existing hard surface trails with new asphalt. While a complete replacement is recommended every 15-20 years, some of the trails are already 14-22 years old. 

Transit Stop Improvements – watch for more updates coming soon
Improvements are scheduled to certain bus stops in town including sidewalks, lighting, and signage. Shelters and “next bus” signs will be installed in the spring of 2018. 

Water Meter Upgrades – watch for more updates coming soon
The project would upgrade approx. 225 water meters with radio read type that can be read remotely (from sidewalk). Meters are primarily located in the older neighbourhoods of Larch, South Canmore, Hospital Hill, and BVT/Teepee Town. Batch testing will be conducted to determine the most prudent replacement schedule. 

External Projects

If you’re looking for information on other development projects happening around Canmore, visit our webpage Current Planning Applications.