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Community Engagement

The intent of the EXPLORE 2026 engagement activities is to foster productive community dialogue in order to provide the Town’s decision makers with insights into the priorities of Canmore’s residents and stakeholders. Below you will find information on what we heard through each phase of engagement.

Why isn't the public being asked whether or not they support participating in a potential bid?

The public was not asked whether or not we should participate in a bid; that decision will be made by Council. 

To better understand both the costs and the possible benefits for our community, Council has approved activities that will provide information to inform their decision on whether to participate in a potential bid: 

  • Understanding Public’s Concerns and Priorities 
  • Learnings from the PyeongChang Observer Program
  • Understanding Bid Details and Costs by Participating in Calgary’s Dialogue Phase Process

As we learn more about the bid details we will be providing information (that is not a confidential part of the competitive bid process) to the public as it becomes available. We are still investigating the costs for the community to host the OPWG.

Understanding the Olympic bid process is complex, as there have been many changes to the conventional bid approach as a result of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Agenda 2020 recommendations.  

Council will consider many factors when they make a decision about whether to participate in a potential bid. Public opinion is just one of those factors. 

To understand public opinion, residents were engaged in a variety of ways to provide council with an understanding of the public’s priorities, concerns, and values. Draft principles were created using a combination of: what we heard from the community, best practices from outcome reports of previous games, and alignment with Canmore’s strategic vision. 

The final principles will be used to guide current and future leaders to help them make choices that align with the community’s values. Their decisions may be filtered through the lens of these principles, in order to reflect the priorities and concerns of the community. 

Council will use these principles to determine if we should participate in a bid, and what that participation could look like. 


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What We Heard

This page will summarize what we heard through each phase of the engagement.

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