Town of Canmore

Larch Rink Replacement

Construction of the new CCHC housing development is underway. If you are looking for more information on the housing project including details on the units visit Canmore Community Housing Corporation's website here.

The Town is now looking at replacing the hockey rink that is currently on the site. The current rink is past it's end of life and does not work in it's current location with the new housing under construction. As part of this project a vault washroom will also be installed. If budget permits a pathway network will also be installed.

Scope of Project

  1. Replace hockey rink with a similar sized rink
  2. Lighting
  3. Player box
  4. Installation of a vault washroom
  5. Pathway network (budget dependent)
  6. Off street parking (budget dependent)
  7. Turf/kid rink

What's Not in Scope

  1. Playground 
  2. Additional rink amenities (that are not mentioned above)
  3. Enhanced landscaping
  4. Perimeter fencing

Construction Schedule

  1. Construction started the week of August 27 and is expected to last until the end of November
  2. Basketball and pickleball line painting will take place next spring
  3. The pathway network and expanded off street parking will not be included at this time

Approved Final Design