Town of Canmore

Canmore Recreation Centre Lifecycle Maintenance Project

The Canmore Recreation Centre (CRC) is the largest municipal building in Canmore, serving residents, neighbouring communities, and traveling athletes. Built in three phases starting in 1983, many building components are nearing the end of their useful life cycle, a number of significant building codes have changed and aspects of the building no longer meet the current or future expectations of the community. The building will be undergoing significant construction in 2018 & 2019. The primary objective of the project is to complete essential life cycle maintenance work on the CRC to ensure it remains safe, reliable and operational for the next 25 years.

Construction Timelines 

Update April 3: The building will remain open during construction, however there will be impacts to operations. A construction phasing schedule is being designed with the intention of minimizing the impact to users as much as possible. It is anticipated that construction will start first in the Alex Kaleta arena, lobby area and the majority of the second floor (with the exception of the Peaks of Grass Gym). If tenders come in on budget this work could start as early as May. An update will be posted as soon as more information is available. 

Floor Plans - updated April 3

The work being done includes lifecycle maintenance and life safety updates including roof repair, reinforcing of AK arena structure, HVAC, mechanical, electrical, control systems, lighting, flooring, paint, hardware and fixtures throughout the building. Below you will find more details on the work being done on each level of the building and updated floor plans. 

Level 1 -   pdf CRC LCM Floor Plan Level 1 (377 KB)

Some of the major changes include:

1.       Addition of flex room for up to 13 athletes

2.       Increasing size of AK dressing rooms to accommodate up to 20 athletes

3.       Re-location of public washrooms

4.       Reconfigured multi-purpose gymnasium dressing rooms, office and program space

5.   Replacement of ice plant

6.   Addition of a children's play area and youth/meeting room


Level 2 -   pdf CRC LCM Floor Plan Level 2 (195 KB)

Some of the major changes include:

1.       Peaks of Grassi Gym will become new Community Hall, increasing capacity of space to 160 people

2.       Re-location of public washrooms and conversion to universal washrooms

3.       Use change of existing office space to fitness/weight room and multi-purpose room with  viewing to the arenas (through existing window to TC and new windows into AK)

4.       Moving Town offices to current Community Hall

5.       Addition of barrier free seating in AK arena


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the majority of the funds for this project allocated towards?

Approximately 90% of the funds for this project are allocated towards lifecycle maintenance items that are necessary to keep the building operating.

2. Will there be accessible seating in the Alex Kaleta Arena?

Yes, the design includes accessible seating in the Alex Kaleta arena.

3. Does the design incorporate change rooms for female teams?

Yes. The addition of a new flex change room with capacity for up to 14 athletes will give co-ed teams options. The design incorporates larger self-contained change rooms for the Alex Kaleta arena (similar to the TC change rooms). 

4. Will the Canmore Eagles be losing the space for their Eagles Nest Lounge?

No. The existing Lady MacDonald Community Hall will be moving, however the space where the Town offices currently exist is being opened into a multi-purpose room/viewing area into the arenas. The Eagles will be able to use this space for the Eagles Nest Lounge during games.

5. Are you replacing the spectator heaters in the arenas?

The current spectator heaters will remain in the arena as they are still functional. This does not mean that they cannot be replaced in the future when funding may be available for that project.

6. Will the seats in the Alex Kaleta arena be replaced?

Not at this time. This does not mean that they cannot be replaced or refurbished in the future when funding may be available. 



If you have any questions or are looking for more information please contact Adam Robertson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 403.678.1530.