Town of Canmore

Mountain Creek Hazard Mitigation

After the flooding of 2013, the Town of Canmore created a Mountain Creek Hazard Mitigation Program. The goal of the program is to install infrastructure that protects the community against these potential larger events that may occur in the future. Below you will find the Hazard & Risk Map, as well as information on Cougar Creek, other creeks and other creek resources. 

Hazard & Risk Map - Canmore's Mountain Creeks


Cougar Creek

More information on short and long-term mitigation on Cougar Creek.

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Other Creeks

More information on other creeks in town including Peaks of Grassi (X,Y,Z) Creeks and Echo Canyon Creek, Stoneworks Creek, Three Sisters Creek, Pigeon Creek and Stone Creek.

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Creek Resources

This page includes a detailed list of documents for each creek.

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