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Mountain Creek Hazard Mitigation

After the flooding of 2013, the Town of Canmore created a Mountain Creek Hazard Mitigation Program. One element of this program was to get short-term mitigation in place in time for 2014 spring run-off. This was completed in most of Canmore’s mountain creeks in May 2014. Our focus is now on long-term mitigation. While significant work has been done on many creeks, Cougar Creek the most dramatic, the work completed to date was meant to protect against an event of similar size. There have been larger events in the past and the goal of the program is to install infrastructure that protects the community against these potential larger events that may occur in the future.

Hazard & Risk Map - Canmore's Mountain Creeks

Cougar Creek

July 2017:


  1. additional forbs and shrubs in planting beds between Elk Run Blvd and the highway
  2. paved and gravel pathways along channel (bridge connections will also be paved)
  3. tree/shrub planting beds and seeding banks upstream of Elk Run Blvd
  4. seeding from edge of pathways to top 2m of concrete mats along corridor
  5. pathways and landscaping around Cougar Creek parking lot and roundabout

To learn more about the final landscaping concepts around Cougar Creek, please click the following links:

pdf Highway 1 to Bridge (1.75 MB)    pdf South Bridge (2.50 MB)    pdf Round About Landscape Concept (7.30 MB)    pdf Plant Growth Rendering (178 KB)

Debris Dam

  1. The pdf Environmental Impact Assessment Report (130.63 MB) was submitted to Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) in July 2016 and is currently being reviewed.  AEP has sent the Town Supplemental Information Requests (SIR) in December 2016.  The Town has submitted to AEP the SIR Response Package in June 2017.
  2. The Dam Safety submission was submitted to AEP in August 2016 and is being reviewed.


Pigeon Creek

April 2017:

  1. All the work involving the Town of Canmore is now complete. This includes the hazard and risk assessments, as well as the Option Analysis.
  2. The short-term mitigation work, led by the MD of Bighorn is currently underway.

Stone Creek

April 2017:

  1. All phases of work on Stone Creek are now complete. The long-term mitigation work will be undertaken at a later date still to be determined.

Stoneworks Creek

April 2017:

  1. Design work of the Stoneworks Creek long-term mitigation phase 1 is now underway. This first phase is to protect existing development.
  2. Construction work of phase 1 is currently planned for 2018.

Three Sisters Creek

April 2017:

  1. Design work of the long-term mitigation of the lower reaches of Three-Sisters Creek is underway. This covers the section between the lower pedestrian bridge and the Bow River.
  2. Construction work of this mitigation work should be completed by the end of 2017.

Other Creeks

April 2017:

  1. The Town has applied for funding to be able to complete the hazard and risk assessment of X,Y,Z creeks (above Peaks of Grassi).
  2. The hazard and risk assessment of Stones Canyon Creek was completed in 2016.
  3. A private developer is undertaking the studies of the Smith Creek area.

More Information on Steep Creeks 

To read more on Steep Creeks in the Municipal Development Plan click here and reference section 3.5. To view the Steep Creek Hazard & Risk Policy pdf click here (2.83 MB) .


To view all Mountain Creek Hazard Mitigation resources click here

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