Town of Canmore

Other Creeks

Peaks of Grassi (X,Y,Z) Creeks and Echo Canyon Creek 

As of January 2019:

  1. The Town received funding to be able to complete the hazard and risk assessment of X, Y, Z creeks (above the Peaks of Grassi) and Echo Creek Canyon (near Alpine Club of Canada).
  2. A consultant was awarded the contract on April 2, 2018. 
  3. Field work was completed in May and June of 2018.  
  4. Council was presented with the results in January of 2019, followed by a public presentation with Q&A session. Read the   pdf Echo Canyon Creek Hazard and Risk Assessment (19.44 MB)  or the  pdf XYZ Creeks Hazard and Risk Assessment (37.93 MB) .
  5. The project should be completed soon after the presentations.


Stoneworks Creek

As of October 2018:

  1. The design of the Stoneworks Creek long-term mitigation phase 1 is complete.  This first phase of mitigation is to protect existing development.
  2. The Town has applied for a grant to the Alberta Community Resilience Program (ACRP) which is a multi-year grant program supporting the development of long-term resilience to flood and drought events. Project priority and approval is based on eligibility criteria, economic and technical feasibility, and benefit to the community and the environment. Each fiscal year, projects will be selected by Alberta Environment and Parks based on an assessment of the project’s longevity, mitigated risk, historical damage, urgency and environmental impacts. Distribution of funding between communities and local priority will be considered as part of this assessment. Approved projects are announced in the spring of each year.
  3. Construction work on phase 1 is currently planned for 2019/2020, pending ACRP grant funding approval.

Three Sisters Creek

As of October 2018:

  1. Flood rehabilitation and mitigation of the lower reach of Three-Sisters Creek, between the Bow River and the pedestrian bridge was substantially completed in September 2018. The work consisted of:

    a)  Armoring of the creek banks damaged in 2013 with large rock rip rap placed in an interlocking manner (stone pitching)
    b)  Stone pitching of the pedestrian bridge abutments and a small section of creek bank upstream of the bridge
    c)  Removal of some trees directly upstream of the pedestrian bridge to minimize future culvert and bridge blockage issues 
         by trees
    d)  Adding a missing lock block directly upstream of the parkway culvert
    e)  Stone pitching a section of the curved bank downstream of the parkway culvert
    f)  Re-seeding the area with deep rooted grasses to increase resiliency  

  2. Minor landscaping work will take place in 2019.

  3. Design of long-term mitigation for the upper reach of Three-Sisters Creek will commence after the hazard and risk assessments are updated.

Other Creeks

As of January 2018:

  1. The hazard and risk assessment of Stones Canyon Creek will be completed by end of 2018.
  2. A private developer has undertaken the studies of the Smith Creek area.

Pigeon Creek

As of January 2018: 

  1. All the work involving the Town of Canmore is now complete. This includes the hazard and risk assessments, as well as the Option Analysis.
  2. The short-term mitigation work, led by the MD of Bighorn will be completed by summer 2018.

Stone Creek

As of April 2017:

  1. All phases of work on Stone Creek are now complete. The long-term mitigation work will be undertaken at a later date still to be determined.
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