Town of Canmore

New Public Art Piece

A new public art piece will be installed in the spring of 2019. The new piece is expected to be a large scale sculptural work. 

Winning Artist

The 2018 National Competition selected artist is Canmore artist Tony Bloom for his proposal Orogens: The Canmore Formation. Tony has a studio career spanning more than four decades that began, developed, and matured in Canmore. His work has been exhibited in North America, Europe, and Japan, and he has been the recipient of national, provincial, and civic awards. 

Orogens: The Canmore Formation is a piece about Canmore and the geology that cradles it. Orogens is five parallel undulating steel vertical “slabs,” with various sizes of stainless steel spheres trapped among them. A cast bronze fossil wall will also be part of the piece.

 This video shows what the piece may look like as you are driving towards Main Street on Fairholme Drive. 

Selected Location

Tony has selected to place the new piece at Fairholme Drive on the Spur Line Trail. 


  1. Installation will begin in summer 2019. More details will be posted here once installation starts. 
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