Town of Canmore

Organics Program FAQ

There have been questions about why the Town of Canmore does not have an organics (compost) program. An organics program is something that is being considered in the future and is part of the Town's Waste Management Strategy. To view a copy the Waste Management Strategy, pdf click here (720 KB)

Why Does The Town Not Have An Organics or Compost Program?

The Town has been focused on building the new Waste Management Facility and ensuring the Beyond Curbside recycling program is running well. As set out in the Waste Management Strategy we are now looking at possibilities for an organics program in Canmore.

What Options Are Being Explored?

There are two possible directions for managing organics:

  1. Container Collection System, or
  2. Food Disposer System (garburators)

The container collection system would have households and businesses collect, store, and deliver organic waste to an organic waste container. The containers could be located at a centralized depot or adjacent to each residential or commercial waste container. The food disposer system (garburators) would require a food disposer unit to be installed in each household and commercial kitchen. This option would allow for organics to be disposed of through the waste water treatment process. 


What Has Been Done (updated December 7)?

The Town has completed a pdf Garburator study (714 KB) to determine the feasibility of in-sink disposal units. The high level results of this study have told us:

  1. The waste water system can handle an additional 200 tonnes of organics per year without needing upgrades. Anything beyond this would require significant upgrades.
  2. The Town will not pursue in sink disposal units as the only solution for food waste.
  3. We are currently investigating options for a container system (similar to recycling and garbage collection) and anticipate bringing this forward as part of the 2019 budget discussions.

What Are The Benefits & Drawbacks To Each System?

What Costs Are Involved?

There are capital and operating costs that would be involved with either option, and the exact costs are not known at this time. Once the results of the in-sink disposal unit study are known, it will provide a better overview of potential costs and allow administration to start putting together a recommendation for council to consider.