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Organics Program

An organics program is part of the Town's Waste Management Strategy. To view a copy the Waste Management Strategy, pdf click here (720 KB)

Several organics diversion programs were explored and a full commercial program and a pilot residential program struck the right balance between reducing the Town’s carbon footprint, meeting community expectations, and managing costs. The most recent approved budget included an Organics Diversion Program project with several components. 

Commercial Program

One component is a full commercial program that will begin in 2020, once the Waste Management Centre expansion is completed. The commercial sector has the most opportunity to divert organic waste because it generates the largest tonnage and its generation points are concentrated to a few key locations of Canmore, making for a more efficient collection system. The program would offer a collection cart to be located indoors. The collection vehicle would service the carts on a set schedule with a specialized truck and cart tipper. Costs to each business will depend on volume of organic waste collected and the number of visits required.

Residential Program

A short-term agreement is in place with the Town of Banff to allow for a pilot project to begin in the fall of 2019. The residential pilot program includes five collection containers throughout the community, with opportunity to grow and expand to other locations in the future. 

  1. Boulder Crescent Recycling Depot
  2. Downtown Recycling Depot
  3. 4 Street between 6 & 7 Avenue
  4. Larch avenue across from 200 Larch Place
  5. Intersection of Lawrence Grassi Ridge and Peaks Drive

It is estimated to capture up to 500 tonnes of organic waste. Homeowners wishing to participate will be provided a small indoor (small enough to store in a kitchen cabinet) household collection container.

After conducting a  pdf Garburator study (714 KB)  in 2017 to determine the feasibility of in-sink disposal units, it was determined that in-sink disposal units would not be sufficient as the only method of disposing of organics.

Next Steps

Program details and timelines will be announced later this year. Stay tuned for more details that will be provided here, on the Town of Canmore's social media (follow us on Twitter or Facebook), and in the Rocky Mountain Outlook.






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