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2019 Projects

The Mayor’s Report to the Community: A look back at 2018, and a look ahead at what’s happening in 2019.



For a look back at the priorities and progress of 2018 initiatives, read the  pdf Report to the Community (4.88 MB) .



Many projects were approved in the 2019-2020 Budget and are scheduled to begin this year. The full budget can be viewed on our Budget & Financial Information webpage.


A copy of Mayor Borrowman’s speaking notes from his Jan. 10, 2019 presentation on this topic can be found pdf here (350 KB)

Here is a summary of some of the 2019 projects that may be of interest to the public (click on the project heading for more detailed information):

Cultural MasterPlan
In 2019, we will also be embarking on the development of a new Cultural Masterplan for the Community. Culture and celebration opportunities are what bring our community to life and are constantly identified as one of the most valued attributes of Canmore life. The new masterplan will articulate a sustainable, authentic and long term vision for Canmore’s cultural vitality and creative sector development. 

Fire Hall Study
When the fire hall was built in 1986, the population of Canmore was approximately 4,000, and Canmore was still in the early stages of transition from a mining town into a visitor destination. Today the population is approximately 15,000 with over 10,000 visitors daily during peak seasons for an effective population of around 25,000. The current facility is currently operating at or beyond capacity. A Fire Hall Study recommends options to accommodate current and future needs.


Composting in Canmore 
As well, we will begin the implementation of a food waste organics  diversion program, to include both  commercial collection and a residential program.  We will be installing five community collection containers in key locations, with 100 roll carts for commercial collection and 2,000 small food waste containers for residents. Food waste diversion will significantly assist the Town in reaching its 2020 Environmental Sustainability Action Plan goal of 0.45 Tonnes per Person per Year. 

As part of our commitment to the environment, we will be installing solar voltaic systems on Elevation Place, artsPlace, Seniors Centre, the Roundhouse, and the waste management centre over the next 2 years. The Town has also received a grant to hire a climate change specialist for a 2 year term to assist in decreasing our greenhouse gas emissions.


Canmore Recreation Centre Lifecycle Maintenance Project
The Canmore Recreation Centre (CRC) is the largest of our municipal buildings, and the original section is now 35 years old. The current lifecycle replacement and building upgrade project for the CRC will complete essential maintenance work, replace the ice plant, increase change room size for the Alex Kaleta arena, and include modifications to the floor plan of the building.

New Land Use Bylaw  
Canmore is proposing a new Land Use Bylaw. The Land Use Bylaw directs the town’s form and use, and the Town is modernizing key regulations to account for community changes, suggestions, challenges, and aspirations.  Each regulation within the Land Use Bylaw plays a role in supporting sustainable growth, respecting community character, improving mobility choice, and more.

Lions Park Playground and Tennis Courts
We are replacing the surface of the playground at Eagle Terrace in 2019 and the 1998 playground at Lions Park in 2020. In Lions Park, the project to replace and move the playground will be completed in conjunction with a proposed tennis court expansion. The tennis court expansion project is currently approved with a 50% contribution from the Town’s Municipal Sustainability grant funding, with our funding conditional on the Tennis Club receiving a $500k CFEP grant from the Province.  


Quarry Lake Mountain Bike Trails
Work has started with a volunteer group to formalize the mountain bike trails in the Quarry Lake Park, create a new trail, and to establish a trails maintenance program – all under Town direction. The project will be completed this year.

Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan 
Concurrent with the LUB update, a review of the Teepee Town ARP is underway to focus on the general regulations that govern development and evaluating opportunities for affordable housing in the neighbourhood. 






Benchlands Trail Rehabilitation
Benchlands Trail will be re-paved  as part of routine road rehabilitation. This maintenance work extends the life of the overall road structure, and provides opportunities to analyze the area and look for other ways to improve function, safety and comfort for all road users. 

Bow Valley Trail Pathway Improvements 
Similar to what was recently completed near the CPR crossing, this project will involve the completion of boulevard-separated, shared-use pathways on the west side of Bow Valley Trail between Old Canmore Road and 17th Street over the next two years. The project will provide grass landscaping adjacent to existing development, and a grass or treed boulevard between the travel lanes and pathway. 

Bow Valley Trail & Railway Ave Intersection Improvements 
Over the next two years, we will be developing a convenient and welcoming transit infrastructure along Railway Avenue, improve the intersection of Bow Valley Trail and Railway Avenue, and investigate park and ride locations to serve the downtown core.

BVT & Teepee Town Transportation Planning
Teepee Town and Bow Valley Trail are under redevelopment with infill and green field residential and commercial development. This is an area that is highly walkable and cycleable and a high priority for enabling those modes in order to decrease traffic and parking pressures. 

Integrated Parking Management (Downtown Parking)
Council has also identified a strategic priority around creating intercept parking and evaluating the implementation of paid parking in prime areas during the busy season to fund free local transit services. We plan to assess paid parking technologies to convert a portion of the highest demand Town Centre parking stock and investigate a residential parking pass system to address potential spillover impacts. 

Palliser Trail
With a growing population and new development within this corridor, there is a need to provide improved connectivity for active modes, and better access to transit infrastructure. Over the next two years, this project will add physically separated pathway for walking and cycling between Palliser Trail and Benchlands Trail and then on down to Bow Valley Trail.

Railway Avenue
Railway Avenue is Canmore's busiest road and a main connection between the Gateway and Town Centre districts. As a key road in our transportation network, Railway Avenue is due for rehabilitation and deep utility upgrades as part of our preventative maintenance plan. 


Transit Stop Improvements
Over the next two years, we are installing and improving our bus stops within Canmore on both Local and Regional routes. Watch for new concrete pads and pedestrian facilities, benches, bike racks, garbage and recycling containers, and signage. A few stops will also receive NextBus signs, lighting, and shelters.



Broadband Internet  
We will continue to work towards Broadband delivery with a Broadband Planning Study to provide options for a potential fiber network in Canmore.

Economic Development
Economic development and diversification remains a strategic priority for Council. With our in-house department (which is funded entirely through business registry fees) we will be developing a new Economic Development Strategic Plan to provide direction for activities engaged in by the Town of Canmore that aligns with the Town of Canmore’s vision. 




Human - Wildlife Coexistence in the Bow Valley  
Canmore made a commitment to implementing the recommendations of the Roundtable, and identified it as a strategic Council priority. This includes our ongoing efforts to address fruit trees as a food attractant, and to continue to conduct public education campaigns. However, the main focus of the work in 2019 will be to address safety concerns identified by Provincial wildlife officers that are frequently called to respond to the Lawrence Grassi Middle School / Centennial Park greenspace where elk congregate. As recommended by the Human Wildlife Coexistence report, this project proposes a 2.4 metre fence to be installed around the site with gates providing access. This is similar to fences installed in Banff and Jasper to deter wildlife from urban greenspace. 


External Projects

If you’re looking for information on other development projects happening around Canmore, visit our webpage Current Planning Applications.   

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