Town of Canmore

Quarry Lake Dog Park

Canmore residents love their dogs. In fact, there are more than 1,500 licensed dogs in town. We listened to dog owners when they expressed a desire to walk their dogs off-leash, on a trail, with access to a location where dogs can swim.

December 2019 Update: The 1km loop trail will return to on leash zone and the area around the pond be formalized as an additional off leash area. There will be two official off leash areas - the meadow area and the pond area. 

The off leash areas will be marked as follows:

  • Post and cable fencing at major trail intersections entering and leaving the meadow, to force people through a gap with signage stating you are entering or exiting the on or off leash areas
  • Rock or post and cable fencing at the dog pond to boarder the off leash area (approximately 270m), along with signage
  • Clear signage at main intersections when you are leaving the off leash to on leash areas and vice versa
  • All areas outside these two zones would be on leash, including the 1km loop trail

This change is being made for the following reasons:

  • Allows for continued use of the dog pond, giving dog owners a place to swim their dogs, which has been an expressed desire in the community
  • The 1km loop trail and pond are in the Quarry Lake Habitat Patch – reducing the off leash zone within the habitat patch to just the area around the pond acknowledges the importance of use of the area by wildlife
  • Will clearly indicate where dogs are allowed off leash. With the pilot project there has been confusion how far away from the loop trail dogs are allowed off leash
  • This is a compromise solution – allowing for some continued use, while recognizing the area is important for wildlife

Implementation Timeline

This work is expected to be completed in the spring of 2020. The 1km off leash walking loop will remain in place until that time.      


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