Town of Canmore

Quarry Lake Dog Park

Canmore residents love their dogs. In fact, there are more than 1,500 licensed dogs in town. We listened to dog owners when they expressed a desire to walk their dogs off-leash, on a trail, with access to a location where dogs can swim. So, in August 2016, a pilot project was created to allow dog owners to walk their dogs off-leash on a 1 km loop trail from the existing off-leash dog park at Quarry Lake. 

December 2017 Update:  The public may continue to use the area until a final decision on the pilot project is made.  To read the report provided to Council on the pilot project, click  pdf here. (1.89 MB)

Meanwhile, in the fall of 2017, representatives from area municipalities, Parks Canada, and the Government of Alberta formed a Roundtable on Human Wildlife Coexistence to develop a multi-jurisdictional solution to reduce human - wildlife conflict.

Currently, there is a proposal for a capital project to fence the off-leash area should the Roundtable on Human Wildlife Conflict and consultation with stakeholders recommend fencing as part of the solution to coexist with wildlife.



In 2015, the community provided their input into the Human Use Management Review. Recommendations included: 

1. Investigate the feasibility of more opportunities for dog parks 

2. Reconsider the boundaries of Quarry Lake Dog Park to accommodate a swimming area for dogs 

3. Develop an education campaign focused on responsible dog ownership 

4. Develop a Responsible Pet Owner Bylaw

5. Increase enforcement in wildlife corridors

6. Consider establishing no dog areas either seasonally or permanently

7. Increase fines for off leash dogs 


Additional Information on Quarry Lake Dog Park Pilot Project

Dogs may also access the pond, but to protect the remaining intact riparian vegetation, dogs are not permitted past the buoy or within the fenced area. We have worked with Aquatics specialists at Alberta Environment to ensure amphibian habitat is protected. 

Some preliminary observations during the pilot project include: 

• There are still significant number of people walking their dogs off leash outside the pilot area. 

• There is ambiguity regarding boundaries of the pilot project area which makes enforcement challenging.   

 Original Pilot Program Poster (with maps)