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Quarry Lake Mountain Bike Trails

The Quarry Lake Mountain Bike trail network will be located in the forested area between the Quarry Lake parking lot and Peaks Drive. This area has a large existing network of trails that are not formalized and used by a variety of user groups. This project will create a trail network (one climbing trail and two descending options) that includes some existing trails and some new sections of trail. These trails will be multi-use trails, not just for mountain bikers. This is not a bike skills park, it is two trails that take people from Point A to Point B.

Trail building is underway, if you would like to get involved in building the trails visit the Canmore & Area Mountain Bike Association on Facebook by clicking here.

Where are These Trails Located?

What's Being Built?

There will be one climbing trail built that goes from the Quarry Lake parking lot to Peaks Drive. There will be a primary descent trail and an alternate descent that run from Peaks Drive back to the Quarry Lake parking lot.

Climbing Trail

Primary & Alternate Descents



Why is the Town Building These trails?

These trails are being built in this area to provide connectivity between existing mountain bike trails and to centralize the trails that people are using to move in this area. We know through studies that this area is heavily used by a variety of users - not just mountain bikers. Centralizing the space that humans use allows more space for animals to move outside of these zones.

This project is being informed by a variety of engagement initiatives that have been undertaken with the community in recent years:

  1. Canmore 2016 Recreation Master Plan - reference page 41 to see outdoor amenity prioritization
  2. pdf OSTP (3.78 MB) - reference pages 26 & 27 for information on the Quarry Lake area. The document lays out a variety of guiding principles for trails in Canmore.
  3. pdf Human Use Management Review (845 KB)  - reference pages 7 & 8 for information on trails. The document lays out a variety of guiding principles for Human Use Management in Canmore.


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